Snyder Wants A New Stadium For His WFT.

But Congress wants to know about the WFT’s Sexually harassment findings in the team’s workplace.

Just because a Congressional committee wants to see why an investigation by the National Football League into workplace sexual misconduct with the Washington Football Team was not made public, that doesn’t mean politicians are scared off and won’t consider building the team a new stadium. Team owner Daniel Snyder wants a new stadium for his business by 2028 and according to the Washington Post Snyder’s representatives have met with Virginia politicians looking for land somewhere in Northern Virginia not too far off the Beltway so Snyder can build a stadium on the land. Snyder’s business will go on despite members of the House of Representatives wanting to know if there was some sort of cover up in the NFL’s investigation into the workplace culture of Snyder’s business. Snyder’s business people would like to see Virginia work on a bill that would ultimately allow some funding mechanism to come the Washington Football Team’s way that would allow Snyder to get a new stadium up and going by 2028.

The Congressional committee wants to know what happened with the Snyder investigation and why a report has never been made public. Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, said Snyder has been punished enough for his role in the team’s workplace problems. Snyder still owns the business but allegedly has not been involved in team activities. Snyder’s wife Tanya, the co-CEO of the franchise, is running the business. Snyder’s business was fined $10 million by the league. The NFL appears as if it is hiding something and Goodell said as much in protecting people who came forward with complaints. Goodell doesn’t have to provide any answers to anyone as the Snyder investigation was an internal matter for a private business. A House committee probe may change that dynamic, but it won’t impact Snyder’s quest for public money for a new stadium.

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