Six State Attorney General’s Tell The NFL To Clean Up Workplace Problems

The NFL has fumbled in its response to the Washington Commanders and Dallas Cowboys workplace harassment investigations.

The National Football League has somehow swept its problems of concussions and players kneeling during the national anthem under the rug and has managed to right the course and operate its business with few hindrances over the past year. There may be a heightened interest in the league because of sports betting and video platforms cannot get enough of the NFL’s actual product. A game. But there is one lurking menace that may not be restricted to just the Washington Commanders organization that some state attorney generals want to know a little more about. The NFL workplace and how NFL teams treat women and minorities. The NFL did itself no favors when it refused to release the findings of an investigation into Daniel Snyder’s Washington franchise and the business’s hostility toward women in the workplace. Some of Snyder’s employees were fired, the NFL fined Snyder $10 million and told him he could not run the business on a day-to-day basis and the league allowed Snyder’s wife Tanya to run the business on a day-to-day basis.

Something happened in Arlington, Texas with Jerry Jones’s Dallas Cowboys organization. In February, ESPN reported the Cowboys had to pay a settlement of $2.4 million after four cheerleaders accused a Cowboys senior executive of voyeurism. Now the NFL is facing some sort of legal threat from various state attorney generals. The attorneys general of six states that let the NFL know they have “grave concerns” about allegations of workplace harassment. The six attorney generals told league officials that unless it takes steps to address the problems it could face a full investigation. The six states are Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon and Washington. A Congressional House committee is looking into more Commanders harassment allegations. Brian Flores is suing the league on the basis of racial discrimination. The NFL has some headaches.

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