Should The Big 12 Hit Other Conferences With An Antitrust Lawsuit?

The college sports business needs scrutiny.

The Southeastern Conference poached the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas from the Big 12 Conference. The Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big 10 and the Pac 12 have formed some sort of an alliance and have left out the Big 12. Could this be a good time for the Big 12 to hit the SEC and the ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12 with an antitrust lawsuit in that the SEC and the three conferences have made moves that can destroy the Big 12’s business? Of course, business decisions that have ruined college conferences are not new. There are examples of defunct conferences such as the Big East in football that were destroyed by other conferences raiding them. It is just the way it is in the not real professional, very professional world of big-time college sports.

Here is what is known about the future of college football and college sports. The SEC gets Oklahoma and Texas in 2025, the ACC, the Big and Pac 12 have some sort of an agreement to work together perhaps to counteract the SEC and have some say in how to proceed with college football championship tournaments. The Big 12 has eight colleges and universities that are not all that appealing to TV executives and it’s the TV executives that have the money through subscribers’ fees that make big-time college sports playing school presidents and chancellors happy. The Pac 12 may still add schools. But the ACC and Big 10 Commissioners claim that college sports needs the Big 12 and how the Big 12 is important to the growth of college sports yet the Big 12 was not asked to join the ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12 alliance. It may soon be time for the Big 12 to get some answers under oath.

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