Sale Of The Century? No Sale

Trail Blazers and Seahawks businesses are not for sale.

What is going on in Portland, Oregon with the National Basketball Association’s Trail Blazers? What is going on in Seattle with the National Football League’s Seahawks? Are the teams for sale? The answer is no, neither team is on the market at this time. The Seahawks and the Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen died in 2018 and the franchises have been operated by his sister Jody for the past four years. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that Jody Allen, the trustee of the Portland Trail Blazers, has to sell the team at some point in the future. He said he does not know when that will happen, and that Allen has been a “great steward” for the franchise. According to Jody Allen, it might be 20 years before the Portland and the Seattle franchises are on the market. “As chair of both the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks, my long-term focus is building championship teams that our communities are proud of. There is no pre-ordained timeline but which the teams must be sold,” Jody Allen said. Paul Allen purchased the Trail Blazers in 1988 and bought the Seahawks in 1997. Paul Allen put up his money to keep the Seahawks from leaving Seattle.

A couple weeks back, the Portland franchise’s public relations’ staff did confirm that NIKE founder Phil Knight offered to buy the franchise and for now, the Paul G. Allen Trust is not interested in parting with the team. Knight can now figure out what is best for the University of Oregon’s future. Knight is a large Oregon booster. Portland has been a five-decade NBA success story. The franchise joined the NBA in 1970 along with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Buffalo Braves. From 1977 through 1995, the team sold out 814 consecutive home games. It has been a strong NBA market.

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