Murdoch’s New York Post Claims Athletics Potential Move To Las Vegas Could Fall Apart

The Nevada Governor And MLB Commissioner say there is nothing to the newspaper’s claim.

The best way to read Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post is with a very high level of skepticism, if you read that tabloid at all. The Post reported that yes, Major League Baseball owners would give John Fisher the go ahead to move his Oakland Athletics business to Las Vegas but, according to the Post’s unnamed sources, Nevada better get ready to pony up some money to help build Fisher’s stadium because without public money the Commissioner Rob Manfred would not allow the move. The unnamed sources also claim Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak would block the move of the team if public money was a requisite for the transfer of the business from Oakland to Las Vegas. Manfred and Sisolak have thrown cold water on the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post story.

Sisolak again said that he will not support a hotel-motel room tax to help finance a Las Vegas Athletics stadium. But that is not exactly new news as he has laid out his thoughts in that direction since the possibility of Fisher relocating his business to Las Vegas first appeared. Sisolak also said that public funding of the ballpark “has not been an issue” in his talks with Manfred or the Athletics President Dave Kaval. How to finance a stadium project in Las Vegas is a question because no one has actually come up with any figures, at least in public, as to the cost of stadium construction and infrastructure.  Murdoch’s Post article claimed that Manfred has sent out a signal that he will not approve the move unless Nevada steps up with public money. Only the owners could block a move. Manfred said of the Post’s report, “that would not be accurate. I spoke to the governor only once and it was some time ago.” The tug of war between Oakland and Las Vegas to get the team continues.

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