Las Vegas Still In The Running For MLB’s Athletics Franchise

The city of Oakland and Athletics ownership are still taking about a new ballpark,

Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics ownership group has certainly perfected the Stadium Game. Athletics ownership has received some good news from Alameda County, California officials as the county could agree to the creation of a special tax district that could help fund John Fisher and his Athletics’ money partners’ goal of building a stadium-village on the Oakland waterfront. The city of Oakland and Athletics’ ownership are still trying to figure out how the project can proceed. But that does not mean Las Vegas is out of the picture as a potential landing spot for Fisher’s business. The Athletics’ business department decided to ask Minor League Baseball’s Las Vegas Aviators’ customers some questions about the Nevada market and what those customers think about the possibility of Major League Baseball coming to the Las Vegas market.

The Athletics marketing department told potential Las Vegas Athletics’ customers that the team was looking to possibly construct a ballpark “on or near the Las Vegas Strip.” Fisher and the Athletics president Dave Kaval have looked at more than 20 possible ballpark sites during six scouting missions to Las Vegas. Athletics’ ownership wanted to know if a Las Vegas Major League stadium should be domed or an open-air facility. Las Vegas is a desert location that gets awfully hot during the summer. Athletics’ ownership also inquired about personal seat licenses and whether consumers would get the licenses with the money from the PSLs presumably going into the funding of a Las Vegas stadium. Athletics’ ownership has done a good job getting Oakland and Las Vegas in a battle for the baseball business and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is happy as “the A’s will continue to pursue the Oakland project as well as the Las Vegas alternative.” That could turn off Oakland area baseball consumers’ interest in the team. But it’s just business.

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FILE – In this Aug. 16, 2020, file photo, lightning forks over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge as a storm passes over Oakland, Calif. Numerous lightning strikes sparked brush fires throughout the region. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)