John Angelos Says The Orioles Will Remain In Baltimore Forever

The Angelos brothers appear to be fighting over money.

John Angelos has given his word to Baltimore Orioles fans in the Mid-Atlantic states. His business, Orioles baseball, is remaining in the city and you can take his word to the bank that is going to happen. This pronouncement came after the Angelos brothers, John and Louis found themselves going to court fighting over the family’s fortune which was made by the father Peter who was a lawyer and made his money in asbestos litigation. Peter Angelos purchased the Orioles franchise for a reported $173 million in 1993. Peter Angelos is now 93 years old and in 2017 reportedly appointed his wife and two sons as co-trustees of a trust controlling the family’s money. John Angelos took over the day-to-day operations of the baseball team while Louis ran the law office. Louis Angelos, filed a lawsuit against his older brother and his mother in Baltimore County Circuit Court claiming that his brother John took over total control of the team in defiance of his father’s wishes for the sons to share the franchise. Louis is concerned that John could sell the team or move it to Nashville where John Loar is looking for a Major League Baseball franchise. There is no Major League Baseball ready stadium in Nashville and the Nashville baseball park proposal is not a topic of discussion now as the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans ownership is seeking money to help build a stadium that could cost billions of dollars while some of the tab picked up by taxpayers.

Meanwhile John Angelos is swearing allegiance to Baltimore. “The Orioles will forever play at Oriole Park, and at no time ever have we contemplated anything different.” Angelos pointed out that Maryland has made a commitment to upgrade Baltimore’s baseball and football stadiums. Major League Baseball has been mum about the Angelos family dispute.

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