It’s Almost Rebranding Time For Daniel Snyder

There could be a new brand name in the NFL on Wednesday.

It is almost here, February 2nd, the rebranding day for Daniel Snyder’s National Football League’s Washington Football Team. Snyder could maintain the name or just opt for a new brand name like the Washington Armada, or Presidents, or Brigade, or Redhawks, or Commanders, or Defenders. The RedWolves and Wolves are out of contention because of trademark problems. The name and team logo are sales points for the business which is why it has taken 18 months to find a name.

On April Fool’s Day 1987, Major League Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth tossed out a notion looking for an answer at a function announcing that MLB had a new film partner. On that April 1st date, Ueberroth had a simple but complex question. What is the most important asset for any sports team? Any sports league? Ueberroth’s answer? The logo or the brand name. Ueberroth’s logic was simple, owners come and go, front office personnel come and go. Players, no matter how important to a team’s success or how beloved, come and go. The logo and the name remain long after everyone else comes and goes. It is a complicated business to rebrand. The Washington team founder George Preston Marshall just named his Boston team the Braves in 1932 and changed the name in 1933. He kept the name when he moved the team to Washington in 1937. Marshall’s team name became inappropriate and was dropped in 2020. Snyder won’t have to worry about the new name or logo and sales. He has a loyal fan base who will buy merchandise. The brand and the logo are the most important things a team name has. Snyder’s rebranding celebration may be short-lived though. Some of his former employees will be meeting soon with members of Congress talking about sexual misconduct that allegedly took place under Snyder’s watch.

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