St. Pete Middle School Teens Fight

Police arrested two Azalea Middle School students Thursday after they started a lunchtime fight that officers broke up with pepper spray, authorities said.

Principal Connie Kolosey said two girls, both 13, were fighting in the cafeteria, prompting several adults to intervene.

At some point, a school resource officer stepped in and pepper-sprayed the two girls.

Afterward, Kolosey said, several students who were bystanders complained about possible effects from the spray.

School officials called parents, Kolosey said. Most of the students went back to class, she said, but a couple of parents chose to pick their children up from school.

Both girls were arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct, said Mike Puetz, spokesman for St. Petersburg police.

Puetz said the department will complete a “use of force” review, which is standard procedure.

“The use of pepper spray to break up a fight is not considered excessive,” he said. “We’ll look at all the facts.”

St. Petersburg Times