Legionnaires Discovered in Port Richey

Two more cases of Legionaires’ disease have popped up Pasco County.

Two people who live on Rainbow Lane have been diagnosed with the disease, this on the heels of one death and two people sick from the disease in Hillsborough County.

Residents want health officials to test the water supply. That’s usually how Legionnaires’ is spread. Doctor David Johnson of the Pasco Health Department explains why they havn’t run tests yet.

“We don’t just go out and randomly test in the environment unless we have a reason to suspect a common exposure among cases,” he said. “We just don’t sample here or there to find the bacteria.”

Even though the two men dignosed with the disease live pratically across the street from each other, Dr. Johnson says that’s not enough to say there’s a common risk.

So far the Pasco County health department has no information on where the bacteria is coming from.