Arrest Made in Pinellas Trail Attack

David Brummitt often bikes the Pinellas Trail and he always carries his cell phone.

So, when he came upon a belligerent man who was yelling at people on the trail, he pulled out that phone and started recording the incident with the phone’s camera.

“I just thought it would be a piece of evidence if someone got hurt, I would have video of it,” said Brummitt.

He didn’t realize he was about to capture the images of his own attack.

“He knew I was taking his picture, started with a homophobic adjective and proceeded to beat the crap out of me,” he explained.  “He just kept on and on, kicking and beating and slapping and punching.”

Brummitt says his shirt was covered in the man’s saliva.  He thinks the man spit on him at least ten to twelve times.

“Every punch, every spit, kick was a different adjective, so you consider this a hate crime?  I do,” he said.

Brummitt says he suffered from a broken rib and possibly a fractured skull.

Up until recently, he didn’t know who his alleged attacker was.

Earlier this month, he was transferring files from his old cell phone to a new phone when he discovered the video of the attack.

It was just the evidence the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office needed to nab the suspect.

“That essentially is what clinched this investigation,” said Cecillia Barreda, with PCSO, “The crime analysts were further able to make some connections with the area where the attack happened.  They cross referenced with the property appraisers office and were ultimately able to find out who this individual was and track down his drivers license photo.”

This week, deputies arrested 44-year old Anthony Sansone and charged him with aggravated battery in connection with Brummitt’s attack.  He bonded out on a $10,000 bond, Thursday.