Accused Cop Killer Trial Begins Today

 His name is Humberto Delgado, a former police officer, himself,  in the Virgin Islands is accused of shooting and killing Tampa police officer Corporal Mike Roberts on August 19, 2009. Today begins what is expected to be a long trial.

TPD Mike Roberts was killed while investigating Delgado as a suspicious person.

In the months leading up to the trial, a debate started over Delgado’s mental state.

Reports indicate Roberts came across Delgado, who was homeless and pushing a shopping cart. Roberts stopped Delgado to question him. A scuffle broke out, and Delgado, who had weapons in his cart, managed to shoot and kill Roberts, officers said.

Defense attorneys have said Delgado suffers from depression and paranoia.

However, Delgado’s attorneys won’t be able to use a controversial brain test, QEEG, that could prove their theory.

But the assistant state attorney says the QEEG test is unreliable and new to criminal cases. He even implied the doctors may be in it for financial gain.

During hearing last week, a judge ordered the test inadmissable.

Attorneys will begin trying to seat a 12-person jury and at least three alternates today.

It may be a lengthy process as attorneys have to figure out jurors views on the death penalty because of the nature of the crime.