The Daily Rundown: Trump Network, Face-Eating, Sexism At Rio


Politics- Could Donald Trump be on his way to launching his own cable news network? With new hires and prestige friends, if Trump loses in November he could be on his way to being a part of media outlets. Even with a lose, he will have 50 million loyal supporters that will halve launch Trump News. But this is far from just a theory, there is new evidence that is pointing to these assumptions. Read Coming In 2017 Trump News for more details and the evidence backing up this assumption.

Trending- A 19-year-old Florida State University sophomore is accused of a gruesome double murder. The teen wandered began acting weird at a family dinner before walking over three miles to a house where he attacked and coupled the couple inside. The teen was found by police eating bits of the dead man’s face and stomach. It took Taser shocks and dog bites to pull the teen from the body. The teen appeared to be lucid when police got there and he also told police to drug test him because they would find no drugs in his system. Initial drug tests have come back clean, but more are being sent off. Read more about this bizarre case here.

News- Heads up Bay Area Residents, Zika has found it’s way into Pinellas County! Governor Rick Scott announced Tuesday morning that a locally transmitted case of the Zika virus has been confirmed. As of now the state does not believe there are active mosquitoes transmitting the virus in the county, but further investigation will take place. More details, precautions and developments can be found here.

Featured: The closing ceremonies were Sunday night, but did you notice the imbalance in coverage of male versus female athletes in the Rio 2016 Summer Games? Many different media outlets reported female athletes with different names and descriptions compared to the male athletes. Reflect on the sexist coverage of the Rio Olympics here.

Entertainment- Have you ever heard of an indoor beach? Well that is the newest thing in Tampa. The Beach Tampa has become a hit for the whole family. With a concept similar to that of Chuck E. Cheese’s and McDonalds in the 80’s and 90’s, the Beach Tampa offers a fun day without the possibility of a Florida heat stroke. More details and information on the Beach Tampa can be found in this story.