With American’s using more WIFI than ever. Is your personal data safe?

As we enter our eight-month of fighting the global pandemic battle with COVID 19 and for most of the world there has never been more of a need for high speed broadband. WIFI is a must because so many people are working from home as well as more kids are attending school online via computers and tablets.

As the country we went from streaming Netflix, Prime Video, or playing our favorite games to the “new normal.” Now we are a country where mom and dad are working from their new home office while the kids are in their room or the den doing online classes.

Keeping your data safe has caused a number of people to use a VPN You may have heard the term before, but didn’t know what it meant. A VPN or virtual private network is an increasingly popular tool to help secure your network and open up a whole new world of online possibilities.

An interesting part of this “new normal,” is according to studies, as long as the job is one that can be performed from home, most people are more productive when working from home. The cutting down on travel time as well as people working more hours without complaining are why companies feel that telework might just become something they will embrace long term in a pandemic world.

The big question now is your home WIFI safe now as broadband providers are being stretched to the max? Are your personal and now your business data safe from hackers?

Do I need a VPN?

Well, let’s begin with the short answer and is most likely yes. Let me note that first of all VPN’s are surprisingly simple apps that perform a very complicated job: They protect your data, secure your Internet and do a very good job of protecting your online privacy.

To be honest, most people simply do not think of it, but everything you do online— every website you access, the services you use,  and yes even the music you listen to—is all dictated by your IP address.

That is the path that allows your network servers use to route you to the appropriate URL, and it’s the basis for how the internet, as a whole, operates.

So, it wise to check out adding a VPN to your home network to give that extra level of safety we can all use.