Why Trump’s Presidential Influence In Our Society Is Bad For America

By Alberto Arellano

Special to News Talk Florida

In the dark times of democracy, the Trump administration has taken our country to turmoil with our foreign allies. Red flags from the dossier, to the Russian interference and now the Ukrainian investigation has painted our country as an agency for foreign allies to interfere in our electoral system. President Donald Trump had once promised to drain the swamp, now he has swam into the swamp. Mr. Trump once promised to stop the corruption, now he has exposed a government corruption of his own. In the World Series, fans had chanted to Mr. Trump “lock him up.” In a recent commentary from Joe Scarborough, he had said the chants were very Un-American and was based on social media claiming to take Trump’s side. Mr. Scarborough never took Trump’s side on how the chants were Un-American. What he means of Un-American is Mr. Trump’s influence of speech being Un-American since the 2016 election ranging from “Lock her up”, “Losers”, “Haters”, and “Bad hombres”. Mr. Trump’s speech has painted our country Un-American because it has promoted unequivocal speech pushing for intolerance of views and backgrounds.

Mr. Trump’s speeches have had no filter where he has abused the power of the presidency of overlimiting the Freedom of Speech. However, Mr. Scarborough was not defending the President on the chants of being Un-American since he had cited problems of Mr. Trump’s past public speeches not insync of being presidential. The point that Mr. Scarborough made was that Mr. Trump promoting chants, such as “Lock Him Up”, were unacceptable because his words have undermined our democracy without showing any sort of class to his political opponent. However, Mr. Trump has failed to recognize conduct of offense since his actions have increasingly influenced speech to the voters on both sides of the political aisle. Mr. Scarborough has shown concern about the misuse of the President’s speeches creating a bad influence in our society and our relations to the world. From his own speeches, Mr. Trump failed to recognize limits making conduct of offense increasably acceptable in our society.

As for Trump’s promises from the campaign trail and the Trump rallies, he has kept campaign promises to build the wall and referring to Mexicans as “rapists” and telling Congresswomen to go back to their own countries. His open racist speeches have created room for hate that included the Trump rally for “Send Them Back.” He has turned on his word labeling himself as “the least racist person you’ll ever know.” His past words have haunted him because he has failed to back up his arguments about how he’s the least racist person in the world. Even at one of his rallies, an African American Trump supporter was thrown out while Trump embarrassed him in public asking his own supporter “if he was a thug.” It will continue to haunt the president because as someone who runs the country, the head of state must think about the consequences, which he has failed over and over again. Mr. Trump has painted a bad picture for himself which there’s no way he can do any sort of damage control. Regardless of political, Republican or Democrat, the President of the United States represents all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and political party. Trump only embraces his own supporters and those who voted for him, not the people that didn’t vote for him. 

The contradiction of speech has been a long weakness for Mr. Trump in office. He promised to drain the swamp in Washington, but yet the problem is that he’s exposing his true colors and part of his corruption. Even after being acquitted from the Senate in the impeachment trial, the President has set himself in danger of turning back on his words of stopping corruption in our governmental institutions. He has lived up to his word before becoming President of the United States in 3 different interviews. He once said in 1988, he said he would put up good numbers in the general election. In a 1999 phone interview on TV, Trump stated that he wouldn’t make a good politician. When being asked to become president, he said he would run for president only if it became bad, which he did in order to politically despite former President Barack Obama. In office, his words have contradicted his own claims, such as the hurricanes, Obama spying on him during office, and claims of white genocide in South Africa. President Trump has failed over and over again to back up any claims in order to give any hype to his supporters. Even prior to being president when he started the birther movement, Trump couldn’t rebut his claim that Obama wasn’t born in Kenya when he was born in Hawaii. Now he has nothing to back up his claim in the upcoming 2020 presidential election that VP candidate Kamala Harris wasn’t born in the US when she was born in Oakland, CA. Yet Mr. Trump’s publicity has turned sour where he can never take back the words he’s said by not having any sort of shame.

Mr. Trump will never apologize for words that he’s said, and he never has to since the public will have a bad perception of him in years to come. Although, he came into a bad spotlight along with his father prior to fortune and fame. The delusional personality that he has developed over the years has led him to become the man that he has too many things that he always wanted. We may remember him for shows like The Apprentice and the McDonald’s commercial, but the presidency he has created will be a stain on his American legacy. Some Republican leaders are eager to distance themselves from Trump, yet they cannot find a way to break with his unfiltered speech. The GOP stands on the brink of breaking from the Trump legacy, which they are stuck with a candidate who wasn’t supportive  of the Iraq War. At the moment the GOP isn’t running that same platform when George W. Bush was president during his tenure. It would be hard for the GOP to recruit new candidates into Congress with a major stain from the Trump legacy. Trump’s presidency has created setbacks for the GOP to value new leaders such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz that were bound to be promising for the base. His presence has created a distraction to political leaders and serious voters creating a polarized environment.

Prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, many voters were not happy with the choices in either the Republican or Democratic primaries. While some voters weren’t happy with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act due to the mandate to buy insurance, GOP voters wanted a Washington outsider, which that man was Donald Trump who had no political experience going into the presidency. In 2008, the GOP had attacked Obama for lack of political experience because he was a U.S. Junior Senator from Illinois and was in the Illinois State Senate for 7 years prior, which he was in politics for 12 years prior to becoming president. George W. Bush was involved in his father’s re-election campaign prior becoming the governor of Texas before the presidency. Bill Clinton was the Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas before becoming the 42nd President after defeating George H.W. Bush in 1992. Ronald Regan was the governor of California before becoming president after George H.W. Bush succeeded him. Donald Trump had come straight from the private sector with no knowledge of the works of political government, but was elected because of fame and fortune he made through real estate and his reality TV show, The Apprentice. The GOP had failed to take into account Mr. Trump’s donations to both Republican and Democatric political candidates that included Rahm Emanuel, Kamala Harris, John McCain, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Chuck Schumer, and HIllary Clinton. Yet in the 2008 presidential election, Republicans had attacked Obama for his lack of political experience when he was a few years into his Senatorial tenure. Those attacks have reflected back on them and went against their words attacking Obama nominating a public figure in 2016 for the GOP who never held political office.

Today, President Trump’s tenure showcases a failed experiment of a high profile public figure who never had political experience being elected into office. Impeachment has left a damaged mark on his presidency that has created collateral damage on the image of the GOP. His influence in partisan politics has caused a major in various policies that has influenced Republicans to stick by his side and yet there are inter arguments within the party. Downplaying COVID-19 and politicizing has caused him to lose control and can’t unite both chambers of Congress.  He has repeatedly failed to take accountability into consideration by blaming others, which now Congress is now stalled on the stimulus deal that leaves Americans out of luck on the $600 a week pandemic unemployment enhancement. Whether the president will be re-elected or voted out of office, his image will be tarnished in the long term. Top and influential GOP operatives who refuse to vote for Trump would benefit the Republican Party in the long term to distance themselves from the environment Trump created. The president had failed to take control over the social unrest in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, which had created long consequences for police reform and deciding not to unify the country in grief. For Trump, he had planned to fail to unite the rest of the country by not properly planning to prevent COVID-19 or taking action in the aftermath of George Floyd. Today, voters must make a choice whether they want to see this type of behavior that influences America or not. Democracy recognizes the state of voters who are the most or least informed. Trump cannot survive with this type of behavior using Twitter as his tool to belittle, bully, or blame others for not considering his own accountability or actions even if he were to be re-elected to a second term.


Alberto Arellano is the President & Founder of MultiMedia Public Relations, an entertainment and public affairs PR firm based in Los Angeles, CA. www.multimediapublicrelations.com.