Who I Endorse For The GOP Races In The Florida Primary

DeSantis is the best choice to represent the Florida GOP in November

DeSantis at an event in Pinellas County yesterday.- PHOTO – TIM BRYCE

This is a big day after all of the speeches, debates, and campaigning it all comes down to today. The 2018 Florida Primary is finally here and there are some really competitive battles on the Republican side of the ballot.

Here are my picks to win some of the key races locally as well in the big statewide races on the Florida GOP ballot. Be sure to get out to vote and as we all know every vote matters, so, please get out there if you haven’t already done it.

Governor – Ron DeSantis (supports eVerify, against Sanctuary Cities, wants term limits, endorsed by President Trump)

U.S. Senator – Rick Scott (another lesser-known Republican is also in the race)

Agriculture Commissioner – Denise Grimsley (a real go-getter)

Attorney General – tough choice between Ashley Moody (a Bondi disciple with lots of experience; former Democrat); Frank White (nice guy, more conservative, but very young).  I’ll go with Moody because of her extensive experience.

Florida State Senate, District 16 – Leo Karruli (restaurateur/hard-working businessman)

Florida House District 64 – Terry Power (another hard working businessman; good with numbers)

Florida House District 66 – Berny Jacques (family immigrated in 1994, he’s very motivated, Stetson Law School, prosecutor and Assistant State Attorney)

Pinellas County, District 6 – Barb Haselden (a definite must; hard working business woman, insurance; leader of the “No Tax for Tracks movement”; she is very much needed in Pinellas)

Pinellas County School Board, School Board Member, District 2 – At Large – Lisa Cane (time for some youth on the board)

Pinellas County School Board, School Board Member, District 3 – At Large – Peggy O’Shea (smart cookie)

Judges – (from various groups):

Circuit Judge, 6 Circuit, Group  4 – Dustin Anderson (young and smart)
Circuit Judge, 6 Circuit, Group  9 – Christine Helinger (incumbent)
Circuit Judge, 6 Circuit, Group  36 – Doneene Loar (a very smart cookie)
Circuit Judge, 6 Circuit, Group  40 – Thomas Minkoff (incumbent)

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