“What should President Trump do with the Migrant Caravan?” – Florida Live 10/19/18

On today’s edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri talks about the South American migrant caravan, gaining steam, heading toward the United States.  What would you do if you are President Trump?  Is Hillary Clinton poised to re-run for President in 2020?

Dan is joined by Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press to discuss his recent article on Facebook setting up a “war room” to fight fake news.

The latest on the Florida Governor and Senate races, including new polls.

Colleges are now moving to replace the traditional “King” and “Queen” on the homecoming court.  Several universities have went to a gender fluid system where the winner may pick the difference between a crown and tiara.  Do you agree with this?

There is now an app that enables anyone to report tips on possible threats toward a school.  It is designed by Stoneman-Douglas high school survivors and has already thwarted some threats.

And find out who wins our prestigious award… of Florida Live’s “Parent of the Week!”

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