What can you do on the 4th of July in the Tampa Bay area? Be sure to take a mask with you!

Welcome to the fourth of July COVID 19 style and before we even start telling what you can do as well as where you are allowed to fo we must first begin with this public service announcement. BE SURE TO WEAR A MASK AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Florida continues to see daily records of COVID 19 cases so please make sure to wear a mask and to social distance. If you don’t have a mask use a scarf, a t-shirt, whatever you need to cover your nose and mouth.

As of now all of the Tampa Bay area beaches are open but they will ask that you practice social distancing. Here are a few rules that the CDC is asking beach visitors to adhere to:

  • Visit beaches that are close to your home
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others (“social distancing”) and take other steps to prevent COVID-19
  • If you are sick or were recently exposed to COVID-19 STAY HOME
  • ALWAYS avoid congregating in large groups on the beach, at this time
  • If you into a eating or drinking establishment wear a mask or face covering.

So, have fun but play nice and also smart!