United Cities Changing The Game With Content Marketing

United Cities Changing The Marketing Landscape

In 2016, 200 million people used ad blockers when they were searching for their favorite article or for that latest trending video. Speaking of videos, consumers can now skip an ad before watching that cat chase its tail. So what does this mean for advertisers in the future? What it means is advertisers have to find a new and unique way to build their brand.

How can they do that?

Well it all boils down to content marketing and that is where United Cities Productions comes into play. United Cities helps businesses build their brand through content marketing, social media and also helps them establish relationships with traditional media advertising such as radio advertisements.

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“You’ve probably noticed a huge uptick in digital content such as videos, podcasts and other digital content over the year,” Bruce Maduri, president of United Cities Productions said. “ Some of our products help educate and engage with your target consumer and ultimately motivate them to click on your product or visit your location. At the end of the day, that’s what is about.”

According to Maduri, United Cities has developed digital turnkey products such as video pre-roll ads, social media campaigns and of course content marketing such as branded articles. These products have become an essential part of advertising in 2016. Advertisers budgets are getting smaller and they have to come up with creative ways to still reach their audience and also build their brand.

Some of the services United Cities provides includes video production, social media campaigns, graphic design and fan event experiences to help advertisers navigate how to spend their marketing dollars in the digital age.

“You’ve probably even wondered if your company would benefit from being a part of that marketing trend. Well, the short answer is yes,” Maduri said. “The long answer is: you could be looking at a vital new avenue for exposing your brand to thousands of potential customers and driving hundreds of qualified “clicks” to your website, just as United Cities Productions has helped other advertisers do.”

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