Top terrifying video games ever made

In the 80s there were horror games like Haunted House, a survival horror game that tried to scare us with its spooky ghosts that are in pixels. But they weren’t scary as they intended to be. Later with the birth of the survival horror games like Residents evil, eternal darkness, and dead space, there was a revival in this genre.

The genre is continuously evolving and today there are games like until dawn that will give us a first-person experience, which can leave our blood numbed for a few hours. The genre is continuing to grow and its effect can be seen in slot games like Wild Sultan and Bloodsuckers.  If you are a fan of horror games, then Daftar Sekarang to experience the most blood-chilling slots games, which will let you experience classic horror as well as the nerve-racking feeling of wagering.

With the advancement in graphic technology, the quality of this horror genre also increased. You can check out the list below if are looking for a terrifying gaming experience that will scare you to the core.


One of the most terrifying horror video games ever made that makes even the so-called horror games like Amnesia a child’s play. In the game, the players will be controlling the character of a journalist who snitches into a psychiatric hospital to investigate some cases. The hospital is filled with grotesque imagery that will leave you terrified. Along with these images, the monsters lurking in the dark that is searching for ways to get a taste of you will leave you more petrified.  The risk and rewards provided by the game are quite interesting. But remember that the game is not meant for the faint-hearted people out there.

Amnesia: The Darkest Descent

Even though it may not be as terrifying as Outlast, still Amnesia is one of the best horror games out there on the market. In each step, you will be haunted by terrifying images and deadly creatures hidden in the darkness. In every step that you take in the gaming world, you will be encountering the monsters of the dark. Be careful when you put yourself into a risky situation unless you want to be engulfed by the darkness.

Dead Space

In the game, you will be controlling a playable character called Isaac Clarke, who is trying to survive from aliens that have taken over the spaceship called Ishimura. This game is a tribute to the classic movie 1979 Alien by Ridley Scoots. In the game, you have to use your technical knowledge to win over the alien. This game is terrifying and has helped to improve the genre a lot.

Pathologic 2

Even though this is a horror survival game, it has a heart-touching story of poverty and plague underlying its plot. The game takes inspiration from the Rasputin Empire of the 20th century and the player is asked to clear their name of falsely alleged murders. The playable character, Artemy Burakh is a doctor who is trying to cure a disease that is causing havoc in the gaming universe. You only have 12 days to find the medicine before the entire place gets consumed by the plague. The other characters around the doctor can succumb to the plague making many changes to the basic plotline of the game. The main problem is that you have to find a solution before the stocks like food, water, and medicines are over.

Picture from Oxford University.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Can anyone of us forget the horrors of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster? The game that was realized in 2007 is an alternate reality to the nuclear disaster that happened in Chornobyl. The open-gaming world, mutated environment, and bleak ambiance highlight the gloominess and tragedy of the place. By setting a game in one of the most dangerous places on the planet, this game is surely a creepy one.

So, try these games to experience a spine-chilling journey of horrors.