The crazy season is here: A Daytona Beach Trump supporter punched a neighbors Biden sign.

DEBARY, Fla. (AP) — A Florida supporter of President Donald Trump has been charged with a misdemeanor after deputies say he punched a Joe Biden supporter in a dispute between the neighbors over their yard signs.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that Anthony “Tony” Vullo, 55, is charged with misdemeanor battery after Volusia County sheriff’s deputies say he punched his 48-year-old neighbor, Joseph Lebert, on Friday outside their homes in DeBary.

According to court records, Vullo had pulled up Lebert’s Biden sign and tossed it into Lebert’s yard. Vullo told reporters he did it because Lebert had put up his sign to block his Trump sign.

Lebert confronted Vullo and Vullo punched him in the face, deputies and a neighbor say. Vullo told the paper that Lebert swung at him first.

Vullo was released from jail Saturday and ordered to stay away from Lebert.