The 2020 Election Schedule starts soon


We’re getting close to election season. The Democrats are almost done with their draft for presidential candidates, but don’t be surprised if a few more enter the race. Now it is time to announce the playing schedule, just as the commissioners of MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. announce the upcoming schedule of their seasons. So, get your scorecards ready as I am pleased to announce the 2020 schedule for U.S. elections, including local and state elections, congressional, and of course, the presidential race. Actually it’s pretty simple, but there are still a few loose-ends remaining (see “To Be Announced” below). Frankly, I do not understand why any state hasn’t announced its primary/caucus date yet, particularly New York. Talk about bad planning.

DNC – Democratic National Committee
GOP – Grand Old Party; Republicans
LIB – Libertarian


Feb 03DNC & GOP Iowa caucus
Feb 11DNC & GOP New Hampshire primary
Feb 22DNC Nevada caucus
Feb 29DNC South Carolina primary
Mar 03Super Tuesday (DNC & GOP) (Alabama, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia primaries)(LIB) California, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Oklahoma primaries
Mar 07DNC & GOP Louisiana primary
Mar 08DNC Maine caucus (likely amended to a Tuesday-in-March primary if primary legislation passes)GOP Puerto Rico Primary
Mar 10DNC Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Washington primaries; North Dakota firehouse caucus/primaryGOP Hawaii caucus, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Washington primariesLIB Missouri and Ohio primaries
Mar 17DNC & GOP Arizona, Florida, and Illinois primariesLIB Arizona primary
Apr 04DNC Alaska and Hawaii primaries
Apr 07DNC & GOP Wisconsin primary
Apr 28DNC & GOP Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island primariesLIB Delaware primary
May 05DNC & GOP Indiana primary
May 12DNC West Virginia primaryGOP & LIB Nebraska and West Virginia primaries
May 19DNC & GOP Kentucky and Oregon primaries
May 22-25Libertarian National Convention; Austin, TX
Jun 02DNC & GOP Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota primariesLIB Montana and New Mexico primaries
Jun 07DNC Puerto Rico primary
Jun 16DNC & LIB District of Columbia primary
Jun 20DNC – All official Convention participants to be selected(delegates, alternates, standing committee members, pages, and delegation chair)
Jul 13-162020 Democratic National Convention; Milwaukee, WI
Aug 24-27Republican National Convention; Charlotte, NC
Nov 03U.S. Election Day

TO BE ANNOUNCED (possible Rain Delays) –
GOP New York Primary (possibly Feb 04)
DNC New York Primary (possibly Feb 21)
Colorado primary (possibly March 3, 10 or 17; March 3 interim date)
Wyoming caucus (possibly March)
DNC Debates
Presidential Debates
Green Party National Convention

The commissioner reminds you to purchase your tickets early!

Keep the Faith!

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