Tampa’s Pam Bondi Shines On The Big Stage

Bondi connects with the RNC crowd

CLEVELAND – Make no mistake about it there are only a few things that the Republican National Committee and the Donald Trump campaign agree on but one of them is that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a star. She was the first major Florida politician to endorse Trump, Bondi has been able to win over both the Republican establishment and also the presidential nominee so her future is very bright.

They have big plans for the Tampa native and she did not disappoint them as she took her turn on the big stage at the Republican National Convention to rally the delegates with a speech that included painting Hillary Clinton as someone who believes “laws don’t apply to her” and who would erode gun rights by appointing activist judges.

Bondi’s biggest applause line was this one, “Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will allow government to continue its rampage against our individual rights with utter contempt for our Second Amendment,” Bondi said. “I know Donald, and he will appoint conservative justices who will defend, rather than rewrite, our Constitution.”


If there were a check list of items that the RNC wanted highlighted, then Bondi made them proud as she rocked the crowd. But Bondi rallied the convention by showcasing Trump’s immigration stances, mixing in a bit of Clinton’s alleged lawlessness. Then she decided to follow up by getting the crowd involved with the now popular in GOP circles chant of “lock her up,” referring to Clinton’s avoidance of charges from her email security scandal while she was Secretary of State.

“Nov. 8 is a day of reckoning. It’s the day when we the people will take back our government,” Bondi said. “Nov. 8 is when America feels safe again … because that’s when America wins again.”

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Despite being a star in Cleveland there was some potential bad news coming out of Washington where her relationship with Trump was brought into question. The group Progress Florida presented 6,000 petitions to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking for Bondi to be investigated over a donation made by Trump’s charity to Bondi’s political committee in 2013.

Bondi declined to investigate Trump University, a real estate investing seminar course pushed by Trump that was the source of numerous complaints from consumers who said they were swindled of thousands of dollars.

Part of the story quotes and background came from Associated Press reports. The video is courtesy of PBS.  


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