Tampa Museum Of Art Celebrates A Century Of Growth In Syle

By: Bruce Maduri

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Genesis Communications Media and Radio Group – News Talk Florida.

Tampa, Fl. This past weekend I visited one of the Tampa Bay area gems, The Tampa Museum of Art. It not only sits on one of the more extraordinary  beautiful spots in the city of Tampa, it has the exhibits worth visiting in this Covid 19 era. With a developing strategy, the museum offers exhibitions that are unique and noteworthy. The list of partners the Tampa Museum has developed include the University Of South Florida, the University of Tampa as well as nearly 300 agencies and community nonprofits.

Tampa-Museum-Of-Art Photo from Expedia.com AU.

This weekends visit did not disappoint. The collection of art from artist Frank Stella reminded me of the 60’s-70’s decades of Peter Max. The art was whimsical, colorful with meaning as well as thought provoking. The gallery of paintings are well worth your time. The technique and color will place you in a time gone by that will place a smile on your face.

The Modern Women: Modern Vision works in the gallery is also photography at its finest. The many black and white historical photos tell amazing stories through pictures of ordinary events. The neighborhoods in many are ethnically diverse at a time when life seemed much more simple than today. A lot of happiness in many of the work from children and families, gives the viewer a sense of a melancholy desire for times in the past.  

If you have not visited the Tampa Museum of Art recently, you are missing an experience that will satisfy the artist in you. It is a good time to do that now that you may have a few unanticipated minutes on your schedule.