Swing Voters Are Showing Their Strength Just in Time for the Election Season

By Brian Winters

Amazon warehouse workers representing a half a percent of the company’s workforce
demonstrated the strength of a union with a major victory over the trillion-dollar giant.

Collective action has always been the way a minority gets concessions from an entrenched
power, and voters can do the same. It’s time voters unionize to take back power from the two-
party duopoly.

Voters around the country are joining the American Union, a grassroots union of powerful swing
voters determined to force Congress to act. Just 3.5% of the vote is enough to swing every close
race to one or the other and decide the balance of power in Washington.

That’s why members have pledged to flex their collective political muscle by voting together as a bloc in November.
The American Union is demanding Congress address root problems in the country – before the
election – by enacting the Blueprint for a Better America.

This ready-to-pass legislation will end
poverty with $1,300 monthly universal basic income delivered through digital Treasury accounts
for every American.

It will end mass incarceration through comprehensive criminal justice and
prison reforms, and it will change the US military posture to support peace and end the endless

Union members are offering to reelect incumbents of either party if they advance the legislation
before the midterms. If they refuse, their challengers of both parties can earn those votes. Our
goal is not to be spoilers, but to be deciders.

By casting our ballots together, we can influence the
direction of the country in 2022.

For more information about the American Union PAC, go www.anamericanunion.com.