Suspect In Iowa Officer Ambush Killings Caught

Scott Michael Greene, Suspect, Detained

Authorities in Iowa have detained Scott Michael Greene, the suspect in Wednesday’s officer killings.

It is reported Greene was caught in Dallas County, west of Urbandale. He was taken into custody just hours after police released his name to the public as the suspect in the two officer killings.

In 2014 Greene was charged with a simple misdemeanor count of interference with official acts. He resisted an attempt by officers to pat him down for weapons at an Urbandale residence on Colby Parkway. The officers had wanted to search Greene after noticing he had a pouch on his belt that resembled a holster.

Police Have Identified Suspect Wanted In Iowa Officer Killings

A massive manhunt is underway for 46-year-old Scott Michael Green of Urbandale, Iowa in connection with the shooting deaths of two police officers in central Iowa on Wednesday morning.

The Des Moines Police Department said the officers were shot in an apparent pair of “ambush -style attacks.”

Both officers were sitting in their squad cars when they were shot and killed at separate intersections near Des Moines. Police began discovering the killings arounf 1:05 a.m. when reports of gunfire was heard. Officers responding to the calls found the body of an Urbandale police officer.

20 minutes later an officer found a Des Moines police officer shot about two miles southeast of the first scene.

That officer was wounded sitting in his vehicle just like the Urbandale officer, but later died at the hospital.

Now police on are the search for Greene, who was last seen driving a blue Ford F-150 with a silver-colored topper with license plate 780 YFR.

“Greene is believed to be armed and should be considered dangerous,” the Urbandale and Des Moines police departments said in a statement, per the Washington Post, urging people not to approach him but to call 911 instead.

Sgt. Paul Parizek, a Des Moines police spokesman, said there didn’t appear to be any interaction between the two officers and “the coward…that shot them while they sat in their car.”

“These guys were gunned down sitting in their car, doing nothing wrong … There’s somebody out there shooting police officers,” Parizek said during a briefing. “We hope we find him before anybody else gets hurt. There’s a clear and present danger to police officers right now.”

The Des Moines area is visibly shaken up over this tragic incident. This is the third Des Moines officer killed this year, after officers Susan Farrell and Carlos Puente Morales were killed on March 26 when a wrong way driver hit them head on. However, this is the first Des Moines officer fatally shot in the line of duty since 1977.

“I don’t even know where to begin, how bad this year is,” Parizek said, after a reporter asked him how officers can prepare to do their jobs amid another tragedy. “This is what we do. We come in, day in, day out. We go out there and we provide the same level of service regardless of what’s going on in our personal or professional lives.”

It is unclear if there was a motive in Wednesday mornings killings, and Parizek said sometimes investigations do not always turn up clear answers to that question.

The names of the officers have not been released yet.

The Urbandale Community School District has cancelled all classes and are closing all facilities on Wednesday. Staffers have been asked not to report to work. One of the shootings was near one of the districts high schools.

The Des Moines public school system said they would have school on Wednesday, a decision was made after discussion with the city’s police chief. The school system will remain in touch with police throughout the day.