Spicer will have the first “Virtual White House Press Corp.”

Sean Spicer, President Donald Trump’s new press secretary promised a virtual White House Press room.

Sean Spicer, announced yesterday that the Trump White House will become the first virtual press room in history. The new White House, will provide access via Skype to journalists working for news organizations. He also pledged to find space for talk-radio hosts and conservative bloggers.

“This will open up the briefing to journalists who live beyond 50 miles of the Washington, DC area and to organizations that don’t currently have a day pass,” Spicer said. “As always, any organization is welcome to apply for a day pass. But we’re excited to open up into the field and fold here a diverse group of journalists from around the country who may not have the convenience or funding to travel to Washington. I think this can benefit us all by giving a platform to voices that are not necessarily based here in the beltway.”

News Talk Florida has made an official request to get Skype access to the White House briefings. The process has not yet been worked out but at least it is moving forward.

Yesterday, Spicer held his first long form press conference and it was a departure from last Saturday, when Spicer refused to take questions from the podium while delivering a statement that included false claims about Inauguration Day. But in his second chance Spicer proved that he will be as open as he can be as the newly minted press secretary.

Spicer held his first official press conference yesterday and it was a marathon session like no one has seen before. He called on 42 different reporters, took over 80 questions and the conference lasted nearly one and a half hours.


In response to a question about his approach to his job, Spicer said on Monday that he believed the Trump administration has a responsibility to “be honest with the American people,” adding that “our intention is never to lie.”

The conference began with a question from The New York Post, followed by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Univision, Fox Business Network and American Urban Radio Networks. The questions moved all around the room from conservative to liberal media outlets.

Everyone who wanted to ask a question got the chance and while reporters from the big newspapers and broadcast networks, who typically get first crack at a press secretary, had to wait their turn, they all got to quiz Spicer.

He even answered questions from Jennifer Bendery of The Huffington Post, the liberal website that for months throughout the 2016 race ran a disclaimer on all Trump-related stories calling the president “a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther.” Bendery’s   question was about climate change.

Spicer also granted a question to CNN’s Jim Acosta, the White House correspondent who had a testy exchange with Trump at this month’s press conference.

Spicer, is a public relations professional and if he continues to be inclusive. If Spicer holds true to expanding the virtual White House press room that includes people outside Washington, then it will be a revolutionary opportunity for reporters.

Video from Fox 10 News Phoenix. 


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