Seven networks all set ready to cover Impeachment Hearings. The morning coverage is Must See TV and here is why!


Special for Newstalk Florida – Today at 10 am we will have something very rare and special. This is only the third time in the history of the United States that a President faces the possibility of being Impeached.

That has caused what we call “Roadblock Coverage,” as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, C-SPAN and a few smaller outlets will all drop all programming to broadcast the Impeachment Hearings wall to wall.

The Democrats feel that once the voters of the United States see how the Trump Administration handles foreign policy. In particular Ukraine then they will support the Impeachment.

Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and the majority council will handle the first round of questions of the witnesses. The Republicans will have another California lawmaker Minority Chairman Devin Nunes, and his staff lawyers will take care of the early round of inquiries.

The two key witnesses today will be a couple of career members of the United States Diplomatic corps
William Taylor and George Kent. The two men have served both Democratic and Republican presidents as top-notch public servants.

Friday another career member of the Diplomatic corp will sit under the hot lights of the House Committee will be
Marie Yovanovitch. She along with Taylor and Kent has been attacked by President Trump’s supporters.

After the first round of questions from team Schiff and team Nunes, the other 12 Democrats on the committee and the 8 Republicans will get their chance at posing questions to Taylor and Kent tomorrow.

Do not look for the Democrats to use the Latin phrase quid pro quo, which means something for something. Schiff will use terms like extorsion and strong-arming Ukraine into trying to get dirt on Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter along with the crazy idea that the Democrats server that included Hillary Clinton’s emails was some how in that country.

That was such a crazy idea that even the Trump State Department never really pushed the point.

What the Republicans will do it say that yes President Trump wanted to get any information he could on the Biden’s and that is not worthy of Impeachment. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan has been tasked with defending President Trump at all costs.

So, there you go get your popcorn because around lunch time we will see how both sides are playing their best hands.

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