From Russia With Love: What Does President Trump Know?

President Trump Faces Serious Questions After Flynn Resignation

Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn may have resigned from his post in order to avoid any further probing regarding his connections with the Russian government. However, the national media, with the exception of Fox News, is smelling blood and that leaves President Donald Trump with some serious questions that he has to face.

One of the more under the radar, yet vitally important pieces of the Flynn saga is that before Sally Yates was fired, she informed the Trump administration about Flynn’s possible connections to the Russians and how he may be open to blackmail by them. Of course, Yates was fired not long after but for not enforcing the Trump administration’s immigration ban.

flynn and trump connections
National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, right, talks with Ret. Gen. Keith Alexander before a meeting with President Donald Trump on cyber security in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Which brings up this point, Trump told reporters last Friday on Air Force One that he did would have to look into the Flynn situation as he didn’t have all of the details at the time. However, with many outlets reporting that Yates and the Department of Justice informed the administration over a month ago of the issues with Flynn, how could Trump not know?

Let’s just keep score here. Paul Manafort, Trump’s second campaign manager had to resign due to his connections with Russia. Manafort reportedly received money from a pro-Russian organization during his business dealings and it came up during Trump’s campaign. With three months to go, Manafort ended up resigning so that the questions and probing would stop, along with the fact that he and Trump didn’t see eye to eye from those same reports.

Now, Mike Flynn has resigned and this time, the Trump administration is going to have to answer some serious questions as this situation doesn’t look like it is going away. The leaked transcripts from the FBI have confirmed that Flynn did speak with Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak regarding the sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama administration.


Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly incensed regarding the whole Flynn situation as he went on national television and defended the former National Security advisor. Afterwards, Pence was reported to be upset that Flynn essentially lied to him which didn’t help him keep his job.

It also didn’t help that again the White House and Trump were warned last month about Flynn’s Russian connections. The DOJ warned that Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail by Russia but there is no clear inkling as to what the White House did with that information at the time. A senior Trump administration official said to the New York Times before Flynn’s resignation that the White House was aware of the matter, adding that “we’ve been working on this for weeks.”

The question that is on everyone’s mind, is how much does the president know on this subject and when did he know it? Also, at some point, this supposed Russian connection may not be so “supposed” anymore.

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