Rick Scott Unveils His New Proposal to Reform Washington

By: Sunshine State News

Gov. Rick took his Senate campaign team to the western Miami-Dade town of Medley on Monday to roll out the newest proposal of his “Make Washington Work” Plan, requiring Congress to work full-time in order to receive their full-time salary.

Scott said over the course of the past 15 months, the Senate has only held substantive sessions on Friday two times — instead preferring to operate with three-day work weeks, with votes starting on Monday evening and ending on Thursday afternoon.

Members also enjoy extended “recess periods,” like the annual month-long break in August, he said.

His message was this: As a result, Congress often fails to secure results for the Americans they serve, and frequently rushes to complete its most basic legislative work, even by voting on bills without reading them.

Scott told the gathered crowd that while Washington politicians like Bill Nelson spend less than half their time doing their jobs in Washington, they still collect an annual salary of $174,000 — more than double what the average American family makes.

Scott’s proposal will require members to put in a full work week, whether in Washington or in their districts, in order to keep their annual salary. Additionally, extended “recess periods” like the month-long August break, will be permanently eliminated.

“The governor’s ‘Make Washington Work’ Plan is aimed squarely at reforming the dysfunctional and tired ways of thinking in Washington in order to make it actually work for families across the nation — not just for career politicians in D.C.,” Scott said in a written statement after the event.