Refugees Go Home

By Avneet Singh, Founder and Editor, Voice of Mankind – For News Talk Florida

I am a refugee. I want to go home.

What is it that compels refugees like me to come to distant lands, and what will make them willingly go back?

It is not ‘pull’ of riches and fame, or a good life, or rule of law, or Western culture and values that attracts refugees. It is “because of real fears about their futures — fears that ‘push’ them northward despite increased border security and stricter U.S. immigration policies“. “Experts generally agree that the recent increase in UACs and families migrating from the Northern Triangle is attributable to immediate threats of violence, corruption and environmental degradation in these countries, which are classified as ‘push’ factors“. Source: Immigration Forum, 2019

Suketu Mehta, Pulitzer finalist, and Associate Professor of Journalism at New York University writespeople are coming to rich countries from poor countries not because they want to, but because rich countries had stolen the futures of poor countries“. People migrate, Mehta says, “because the accumulated burdens of history have rendered their homelands less and less habitable“. They would love to but they can’t ‘go back’.

Ask any refugee and he has stories to tell of the tears and heartbreak as they make their journey to distant lands to escape corruption, government sanctioned violence, political persecution, and environmental destruction.

The ‘Left’ rather have refugees working under a ‘glass ceiling’ where every attempt by refugees to integrate and excel is politely thwarted. “Capitalism was built on the exploitation and suffering of black slaves and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor – both black and white, both here and abroad” – Martin Luther King Jr. Neoliberalism/Neocolonialism was built on the backs of refugees, whether it is in the Silicon Valley, or agriculture and transport in California.

The ‘Right’ has made political capital out of denigrating refugees but they don’t really want them to go home either. The ‘Right’ just wants them in subsistence existence, out of sight, and working in the shadows that are ‘Not in my backyard’.

The Deep State in the West actively punishes any foreign Government which refuses to suppress, extort, and exploit its own people, and extract its resources. The instruments of World Bank, IMF, Corporate Media, and ‘Manufactured Consent’ from the public are used for that. The Western Deep State has “despoiled country after country through colonialism, illegal wars, rapacious corporations and unchecked carbon emissions“.

Refugees try to integrate but they cannot integrate, and should not integrate. Diversity and integration have failed as is evidenced by the rise of populism all over the world. The Racial Distribution map clearly shows the racial fault lines.

The refugee crisis is well documented and solutions obvious when your mind is uncluttered by intellectual, cultural and financial baggage. The reason such global problems have not been solved is because there is political capital and economic benefits in letting these problems fester.

If we genuinely want to send the refugees home, then the sustainable solution is to fix the underlying political and environmental problems in the distant lands which created this refugee crisis in the first place. ‘Build a wall’ and put a proverbial ‘lid on the problem’ and ‘brush it under the carpet’; or trumpeting failed Neoliberal ideas such as diversity, integration, and controlled migration don’t solve the problem.

There are moral, geo-political, financial, and political benefits in giving refugees back their lands. It is not a good deed, a favor or an investment, just as the Trillion dollar New Silk Road from China is neither a favor nor an investment through the countries it is in. It is a way to grow the economy. There are also massive geo-political advantages of having friendly and stable allies all over the world and a geo-political strategy to balance the rise of China. Even the United Nations and its various agencies might find relevance by making the refugees lands habitable again.


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Imagine the geo-political advantage having allies that genuinely support you rather than getting support by threat or bribe. Imagine the financial rewards of trading with successful countries rather than just exploiting their people and resources to the Lowest Common Denominator. Imagine the political popularity of a politician that sends these refugees back.

Send them back for your own selfish motives, and they will willingly go back at the first sign of hope. Here is a win-win model to fix one of the greatest global crises of our times.

I am a political and environmental refugee. I want to go home. I have hope.


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