Pam Bondi Meets With Trump, No Job Offer…Yet

Florida AG Pam Bondi met with President-elect Donald Trump Friday but no job offer yet.

Yesterday on a cool, sunny morning in New York city, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, had her face to face meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. Bondi, has been one of strongest supporters of Trump and serves on his transition team as one of its many vice chairs.

There is no doubt that Bondi is one of President-elect Trump’s top advocates. Also in the no doubt column her loyalty will be rewared, but not this weekend.

Bondi remains one of the bright stars in the Republican Party and the 51-year-old Florida A.G. who is from Tampa has been one of President-elect Trumps biggest supporters. During the campaign she was his warm up act in Florida and she was one his top surrogates on TV explaining his positions.    will likely get a post in the Trump administration but what position is yet to be determined by the new president-elect.  Her name has been mentioned for a number of jobs from Deputy Attorney General to the possible new head of the Republican National Committee.

Must read – The Florida AG will get a gig.

One of the problems that could be holding up a high profile slot for Bondi is a scandal that has dogged her since early in 2016. It was an Associated Press story about a 2013 campaign contribution from then businessman Trump to Bondi that started the controversy.

During the election, Trump faced questions over a $25,000 check that the Donald J. Trump Foundation sent to Pam Bondi’s fundraising committee in 2013. Critics said the donation looked like an attempt to sway Bondi’s office against joining a lawsuit against the now-defunct Trump University. Trump and Bondi said the contribution had no link to her office’s ultimately deciding not to join the lawsuit.

Unrelated to the question of whether the contribution was intended to influence AG Pam Bondi, the donation to her political fundraising committee was found to violate tax laws and led to an IRS penalty of $2,500 penalty against the foundation this year, according to the Washington Post. Last month, Trump settled all of the three lawsuits against Trump University for $25 million.

After Bondi met with Trump at his Manhattan offices she met briefly with the media to comment of what took place.


On the question of if she was offered a job by President=elect Trump?

Bondi responded:

“I’m on the transition team and we’re doing everything we can to help him put the best people in place. So right now I’m attorney general of the state of Florida. I think the whole country should be so proud of how hard he is up there working. Most people when they get elected take a vacation. And that man is working around the clock, nonstop with Reince Priebus and with Steve Bannon and the whole team. They’re up there. It’s just a great situation. It’s positive and I think they’re making a huge difference for our country.”

On the question of would she like a job on the team?

“I’m very happy being attorney general of the state of Florida right now.”

On what she and Trump talked about?

“I can’t discuss that. I’m a member of the executive transition and I just don’t think that’s appropriate for anyone on the team to be talking out of school.”


On if Trump offered you a her a job, would she take it?

Bonda replied: “I’m AG of Florida right now. Thank you! You guys have a great day.”

Again, if Bondi wants a spot in the President-elect Trump administration she can have it. The real question now is what is the proper fit for her and this might be the first of a few meetings before they find the right job.

Quotes used in this story were from the ASSOCIATED PRESS. Video came from Fox News.  

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