On Nurses Day – Britbox brings us a must see film by Norman Stone about Florence Nightingale who is still an icon 250 years latter

Today is Nurses Day and it also happens to be just a few days before the 250th Birthday of Florence Nightingale. There is no doubt were she to be alive today that she would be joining her brothers and sisters in their daily battle with COVID 19.

Nightingale would be out there each day with those nurses who put their lives on the line to save people as this global pandemic affects everyone in one way or another.

As of today COVID-19 deaths among the healthcare workers, especially nurses are overwhelming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 9,000 front line healthcare providers have contracted the disease as of mid-April and 27 of them died. That is just here in the United States but looking the worldwide the number of nurses dying total into the thousands.

According to International Business Journal the group National Nurses United indicates at least 15 nurses across the country, as of early April, died as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Medical centers around the United States have blamed the shortage of personal protective gear (PPE) for healthcare workers, making them all the more susceptible to the virus. Needless to say, the unsung healthcare heroes have braved that too and remained firm in their duty.


Listen to “A conversation with Norman Stone the force behind the epic Britbox biopic Florence Nightingale” on Spreaker.

This week I spoke to Emmy Award winning filmmaker Norman Stone, from his home in Scotland. He is the driving force behind the fascinating story of Florence Nightingale that is centerpiece of Britbox “Healthcare Heroes” celebration now playing on the highly popular streaming service owned by the BBC and ITV.

The masterfully done biopic stars Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) as the mother of modern nursing in honor of what would have been her bicentenary. Stone poured over thousands of Nightingale letters that he brilliantly weaves into one of the most compelling and entertaining films I have seen in quite a while.

Clearly Nightingale was way ahead of her time in many ways and the film does justice to this global healthcare icon. In many ways her dedication to her patients and to the reforming the healthcare in general makes her story just as important today as it was nearly 250 years ago.

Stone nails the essence and spirit of Nightingale in what might just be the film that will win him an another Oscar. It is a five star winner and a movie that the entire family needs to see.

Also featured in the Britbox celebration is Frankie staring our dear friend the talented and super Eve Myles in the title role. The series is both heartwarming as well funny as Frankie and her eclectic team visit their patients at home and takes a look at the extraordinary power of ordinary lives.

It is a must see show and not just because we love Eve. Again, she shows ability to connect with the audience and her wide range as an actress.

Britbox offers a number of other outstanding showcasing the brave and dedicated nurses that try to keep us healthy in this very challenging times. Finally I to shout out to my own trio of front line healthcare professionals who are pulling double shift to keep us healthy.

Keep up the great work Ashley, Allison, and Jason all of whom I hope to see once the proper time comes. Also, thanks to all those professionals keep us well no matter where they are in this strange new world.