Nielsen accuses Bubba the Love Sponge of “slinging mud” on its reputation

Bubba the Love Sponge and his battle with ratings giant Nielsen is about to get interesting soon

Bubba the Love Sponge, the popular national radio personality heard on WWBA 820 AM has never shied away from a fight. Tampa native, Todd Alan Clem (Bubba the Love Sponge), has had a long running battle with the broadcast ratings giant Nielsen and it about to get interesting.

The major question in this case is – Can Nielsen persuade a judge to throw out the conspiracy-themed counter-claim by Bubba, which used a line of argument that the judge just recently accepted?

The legal trench-war that began with Nielsen’s October 2015 ratings-tampering suit against Tampa-based Bubba the Love Sponge churns along. Nielsen’s response to Bubba’s legal team is that their counter-claims are “page upon page of irrelevant factual allegations” that don’t add up to anything – what the Nielsen team calls “a classic shotgun pleading.”

The research company asks the Florida federal judge to dismiss the counter-claim “in its entirety.” But the judge did recently rule that Bubba’s side could argue a theory of conspiracy between Nielsen and Cox, against Bubba (March 24 NOW). Nielsen denies any tortious interference to Bubba’s then-relationship with Beasley. And it says the Bubba counter-claim of civil conspiracy “fails to identify who did what.”

This case still has plenty of dates ahead. There’s a May 11 mediation conference, then a pre-trial conference – and a June 5 start date for the jury trial.

The mediation conference was set for April 25th but it was moved to May, giving the legal teams more time to prepare. Along with the mediation hearing being rescheduled, so too was the pre-trial hearing that was originally set for May 5th.

The Bubba the Love Sponge Show can be heard weekday’s on WWBA 820 AM and is part of the stations all live, all local daytime programming.