News Talk Florida’s Bubba The Love Sponge Begins Airing His Successful Morning Show Today in Detroit and Pittsburgh

 Tampa, FL (July 24, 2020) – Bubba The Love Sponge announced today that he has launched a new syndicated radio program in markets Detroit and Pittsburgh via Birach Broadcasting. The program will air on WCXI AM 1160 Detroit and WWCS AM 540 Pittsburgh starting today. This is a radio syndication relaunch of one of the most iconic radio personalities in radio history. Bubba has a new crew of characters and is one of radio’s best known interviewers. The flagship station, owned by Genesis Communications, WWBA AM 820/FM 98.3 and FM 96.7 will deliver the programming to affiliate stations. The Bubba The Love Sponge Program has aired on WWBA since January of 2018. 

Bubba has most recently interviewed regular guests Bill O’Reilly, Roger Stone, Deon Sanders and Mark Cuban. He has a new cast of characters including Seth Kushner, Blitz K, Anna Hummel, Lummy and Dr Dan Diaco. The show is being produced and broadcast from the Tampa Studios located in the business district of Westshore. 

The program is being broadcast on several radio stations across America and can also be heard on Tune In Radio, or by visiting , News Talk Florida at as well as Sports Talk Florida The Bubba The Love Sponge Program can also be viewed on the Twitch video platform. It is the most viewed radio show in the world according to Twitch. 

“I am proud to work with the new Bubba. He has redefined himself. Smarter, more entertaining and edgy without the over the top content that might get him in trouble. Well, a little trouble, but interesting” said Bruce Maduri, CEO of Genesis Communications and United Cities Productions. “Bubba is no doubt one of the most talented radio hosts and interviewers in the industry. He will ask the hard questions, get guests a little uncomfortable, but bring a smile to the face of the listener. Just what radio needs these days to compete with its ultimate unique content. We will be making more announcements regarding syndication in the near future.” “We have redesigned the program. Feedback has been the best. Will be having a few surprises coming up soon. ”said Bubba The Love Sponge. “We love our radio stations in our home market as well as across the country. The content will also be performed with radio in mind first.” 

About United Cities Productions and Genesis Communications 

Genesis Communications owns and operates radio stations in Florida, including WWBA AM 820, FM 98.3, FM 96.7 and WHBO AM 1040, FM 94.5 in Tampa Bay and WIXC AM 1060, FM 104.5 on the Space Coast. The company also owns and operates web publications and Genesis Communications existing partners include the Poynter Institute, Westwood One, the Miami Marlins, Florida State University, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The New York Yankees, The Outback Bowl, The East West Shrine Bowl and The Gasparilla Bad Boy Mower St. Petersburg Bowl. United Cities Productions is a Marketer Focused Video Production House that produces content for clients and its partners. It is also the syndicator for Bubba The Love Sponge. 

About Bubba The Love Sponge 

World renowned radio host. Most recognizable radio host in Tampa Bay, Florida. Broadcasting for a couple of decades with many awards distinguished and undistinguished. Don’t Google us. Best is yet to come.