Maduri and Williams talk possible war in Iran and handicap the Democrats debates with guest Joseph Hammond

Dan Maduri and Jim Williams guest on this edition of The Politically Incorrect Podcast is the former Fulbright Scholar and award-winning journalist Joseph Hammond. He gives the duo the latest on what is going between the United States and Iran.

He is based in London and has been reported in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. A frequent guest on both TV and radio on serving as a defense analyst along with his print reporting. 

Hammond has written for a number of publications including The Economist, U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, Newsweek Middle East Edition, International Business Times, Monocle Magazine to name a few media outlets He worked as Cairo correspondent for Radio Free Europe in 2011. He has also covered the Supreme Court, diplomatic conferences, NATO, The G20 as well as other major events and international gatherings.

We also touch on the odds on who will be are likely to win, place and show in the two Democratic debates set for Miami on Wednesday and Thursday.

Be sure to watch Dan on MSNBC Wednesday with Craig Melvin on his 11 am show Wednesday. Then Thursday with Hallie Jackson at 10 am live from Miami.

Jim will be reporting for both France 24 and i24 News during the debate. 

Listen to “Are we going to war with Iran? London based reporter and international affairs analyst Joseph Hammond answers that and many other questions.” on Spreaker.