Lotteries In Florida Record the Most Ticket Sales in the US

The US is a large country known for its lottery business which enjoys a lot of patronage from citizens and non-citizens. Many states in the US have their own lottery usually managed by a lottery board that sells tickets to those that wish to buy. Of all the states in the US, Florida has the largest lottery sales after generating about nine billion US dollars over the past year. This feat achieved by Florida is closely followed by New York and California which have both generated $8.5b and $8.4b respectively.


According to the Florida Lottery Board, ticket sales for the last week in February alone exceeded 193.5 million US dollars. This feat set a new record in the US lottery industry for the highest single-week Scratch-Off sales. This sale resulted in the generation of over 35.7 million US dollars for the benefit of schools and students in Florida.

The following week, the previous record was broken yet again as the lottery board announced lottery sales of 149.8 million dollars for the week ending helping sites like FL lotto results continue to report new millionaires from the state lottery games!

Statement From Florida Lottery Secretary

The secretary of the Florida Lottery, John F. Davis stated that the lottery is giving players what they desire by launching new Scratch-Off games which boast various price points and play styles. The secretary added that the results are evidence that the players love the games.

John also noted that Florida Lottery players have more opportunities to win; retailers earn higher commissions while Florida generates more revenue for education. It is no news that the state uses the proceeds generated from lottery ticket sales to fund its educational sector. In fact, there was a recent celebration in January 2022 when the Florida Lottery celebrated $40 billion in donations to the state’s Educational Enhancement Trust throughout its 34 year history.

In a similar development, John explained that the sole mission of the Florida Lottery is to increase revenues to enhance public education. He pointed out that last year’s contribution of over 2 billion dollars broke a 33-year-old record and made history.

According to the secretary, the feat could only be achieved because of the lottery’s dedicated employees, retail partners, and loyal players who are all committed to ensuring that the state continues to soar high in lottery ticket sales in the US.

Florida Lottery Continues to Lead the Chart

The Florida Lottery’s feat and record-breaking prowess did not just start recently. The lottery has been recording the most lottery ticket sales for the past few years now. Its sales have continued to soar, and this is partly due to the economy in the state showing good signs of growth. Since the state’s 2008 low of US$ 769 billion, 2021 figures just in recorded a GDP of US$ 1,008 billion.

Every year since 2008, except the Covid hit 2020, the state’s GDP has increased, leading to higher income, more jobs/less unemployment, continuous increases in state tax revenue, as well as growth in commercial and residential developments leading to the state boasting some of the most glamorous cities to live in the country. In addition, all this wealth has inevitably led to an increase in lottery tickets as Florida citizens have cash surplus available.

In 2021, Florida Lottery celebrated its 10th consecutive record-breaking year with a big win estimated to be around 9.07 billion dollars in annual sales. No doubt that Scratch-Off games are a very vital part of the Florida Lottery’s game portfolio as it comprises approximately 75% of all ticket sales while it also generated over 1.1 billion dollars for EETF (Educational Enhancement Trust Fund) in the fiscal year 2019/2020. Scratch-Off games are one of the reasons why lotteries in Florida record the most ticket sales in the entire country.

For instance, the $30b GOLD RUSH SUPREME Scratch-Off game led the sales chart in February 2021, recording over 25.5 million dollars in sales, while the 10 DOLLAR GOLD RUSH SUPREME game followed closely with over 15 million dollars in sales.

Rounding Up the Florida’s Record Lottery Ticket Sales

Florida remains the state with the highest record of lottery ticket sales in the US as it continues to enjoy patronage from all and sundry. It also produces the most millionaires from lottery per year in the US, many of whom have hired wealth management firms because of the sheer size of their winnings.

One of the reasons for this patronage and high ticket sales could be because players know that they are contributing to the good of society by buying Florida lottery tickets. After all, the Lottery board reinvests 99% of its income into the state’s economy via commissions to retailers, prize payouts, charities, and investment in education.

Florida Lottery continues to soar high, and its reputation keeps getting better even as it enjoys more patronage. It is left to see which state in the US will overtake the Florida lottery to record the most ticket sales in the country.