Living Room Concert Series are on the rise

By: Michelle Sabin

Special to News Talk Florida

It’s week one of social distancing, and let’s be honest things are getting weird. There are people using dish soap on the floor to exercise in their kitchen, hanging out of their windows to play tennis with a neighbor, and hosting solo birthday dinner parties. But one thing is for sure; people are creative. And they have come up with wonderful ways to stay in touch, learn new hobbies, and reinvent our daily lives. We are even seeing an influx of memes to help find humor in these tough times. The latest development comes in the form of what I call the Living Room Concert Series. And I don’t mean your roommate’s attempt to learn guitar from a YouTube tutorial.

Artists such as John Legend, Chris Martin and Charlie Puth have taken to Instagram and Facebook to bring us free, live concerts right in the comfort of your own home. While the Instagram concerts must be watched in real time, the Facebook live concerts are uploaded to the artists’ accounts and can be enjoyed at any time.

Some artists, like Charlie Puth, share the origin of their songs, what inspired the lyrics and how the melody and notes you hear today evolved from something else entirely. The historical background, if you will, of the music you know and love. Other artists, like John Legend, candidly admit that “as promised” he is not wearing any pants. It’s his living room after all! And Chris Martin got the opportunity to practice his low notes on Green Eyes, a feat he admittedly struggles with in his concerts. If you were wondering, he was able to hit the note because, as he explained, “it was early in the morning.” There are other musicians tuning in, like John Mayer who watched live with us during Charlie Puth’s concert.

Even MTV is making changes this week, with MTV’s Instagram admitting “[they] are watching EVERY live, this is [their] job now”.

In solidarity, the artists are promoting each other by announcing other performances and by requesting a certain artist take over the next day with a new concert.

While we all learn to adapt during these trying times, we are reminded that music, positivity and hope will bring us together. Even if we are connecting virtually through our phones and computers.

So get your song requests and questions ready, and tune in for the Living Room Concert Series by following your favorite bands and musicians today. They are broadcasting live from their living rooms into yours.

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