Judge Maryanne Trump Barry. Yes President Trump’s older sister is a judge

Judge Trump Barry is proud of her brother the President

President Donald Trump has started a war with the judicial system and if he keeps it up he might get a call from his big sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry. That’s right President Trump has a sister who is a Judge for the United States Court of Appeals in the 3rd Circuit.

Like her brother the President, she also has a home in Palm Beach, an $11 million oceanfront mansion across from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago. But while she is very close to her brother and attend some events that her brother has, she is not a party person.

So how did Judge Trump – Barry get to where she is today?

Judge Trump-Barry, a lifelong Republican, was nominated to her post by Democratic President Bill Clinton on June 17, 1999, to replace H. Lee Sarokin, who had retired in 1996. Clinton had nominated Robert Raymar to the seat in 1998, but that nomination was never given a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Raymar’s nomination expired at the end of that year. During the next congressional term, Clinton nominated Barry to the position.

She was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on September 13, 1999, and received her commission on September 22, 1999.

 “I am deeply honored and very grateful for the nomination,”Trump- Barry told the New Jersey Law Journal in 1999. “I am surprised I was approached on it. I assume that my record is good enough as a district court judge to be reached out to, and I’m glad that politics weren’t a priority here, said Judge Trump Barry.”

A little history, Judge Trump Barry, a graduate of Hofstra Law School, began her career as a federal prosecutor in New Jersey, before President Ronald Reagan appointed her as a U.S. District Judge there. Then came the call from President Clinton in 1999 to be his nominee for the 3rd circuit opening.

As you might expect Judge Trump Barry does not share the same political views that the President has campaigned on in recent years. While President Trump has been touting himself as pro-life, Judge Trump Barry has drawn criticism from conservatives nationwide for ruling in favor of abortion rights.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz even called her a “radical pro-abortion extremist.” In reality, her stance on abortion isn’t as controversial as that, being that the source of her opponents’ ire is a case where she voted against a New Jersey law that would ban “partial-birth” abortion because it was so vague that Judge Trump Barry felt it could be used to bar almost any abortion.

President Trump enjoys a good relationship with his big sister, and they spoke often during the campaign. Once it was for advice after Megyn Kelly painted him as misogynist at the first Republican primary presidential debate. He said his sister was supportive.

The New York Times reports that Trump said he and his sister hold similar views and she has given him advice on how to behave during his campaign.

Judge Trump-Barry, the oldest of four surviving siblings, may be a Trump. But those who know her say she is no Donald Trump.

“She’s quiet. She doesn’t go to the balls,” longtime family friend and Florida Trump delegate Robin Bernstein said, struggling to find the words to describe Barry. “She’s everything you’d want a judge to be. She’s eloquent and articulate.”

Bernstein went on to say “She’s very bright, very approachable, very smart. She very loyal to her brother. Family, family, family.”

 Quotes came from ASSOCIATED PRESS, CNN and the video provided by USA Today. 

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