Joseph Catania Parlays Extensive Business and Marketing Experience to Launch Catania Media Consultants

– After 17 years as a chief financial officer and senior member in growing his family’s business, the law firm Catania & Catania, by more than 300%, Joseph Catania has applied his depth of experience, sense of mission, and valuable business relationships to launch his own marketing firm, Catania Media Consultants (CMC).

As founder and CEO of Catania Media Consultants, Joseph Catania has a passion for helping businesses craft compelling media campaigns. He brings an eye to how a campaign fits into the overall growth and operational structure of each client company, so the campaign works in the context of a functioning, expanding business.

CMC offers clients a range of exceptional media planning and placement services in formats including TV, radio, out-of-home, and print, a variety of digital marketing services, and a crack team of creatives and strategic buyers who can apply their unique experience and insights to help each business achieve its strategic goals. Together, this team develops a custom-tailored strategy to reach each company’s target audience and customize its messages to hit the mark, every time.

CMC administers all aspects of a marketing campaign so that its clients have more time to focus on building their business. Critically, the firm manages every aspect of the campaign and is always in communication, answering questions, staying current, and adapting to changing trends and developments in marketing and business. In this way, CMC believes in championing a partnership from beginning to end, in a way that produces measurable results.

To learn more about CMC and marketing, visit the firm’s blog at To inquire about hiring CMC, call Joseph Catania at 813-598-7046 or send an email to