‘Is That OK At Penn State?’: Tucker Slams University After Student Spits On Comedian

Harold Hutchison 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted administrators at Penn State Tuesday night in the wake of an incident where a student spat on a comedian.

“Yesterday our friend Alex Stein arrived on the campus of Penn State, Pennsylvania State University at State College, PA. He was there for comedy night,” Carlson said. “He’s hilarious, but comedy is no longer allowed at Penn State, so angry students, very angry students shut it down, and began screaming at Alex, and one got so overwrought she spat on him. Now, if you haven’t seen this video, pay close attention to the girl who spit on Alex Stein and ask yourself if you can’t picture her wearing a Khmer Rouge uniform executing people. You probably can.”

Stein, a personality on Blaze TV, and Gavin McInnes, a co-founder of Vice and the Proud Boys, arrived at Penn State for a planned event Monday, the New York Post reported. College administrators denounced Stein and McInnes prior to the appearance hosted by Uncensored America.

The event was canceled by university officials “because campus police were concerned about escalating violence and public safety,” Penn State University President Neeli Bendapudi said in a statement released Tuesday. The video shows Stein engaging with the protestors, with one screaming obscene wishes for Stein to die.

After Stein makes a comment to her, the protesting student spits on him.


“The hate. So is that OK, at Penn State, spitting on people? Well, we asked the president of Penn State, Neeli Bendapudi, who makes $1.3 million a year at a public university, about that, seems like criminal behavior, on her campus,” Carlson said. “What do you think of this? She wouldn’t say. She’s taking a pass. Apparently she endorses it. Neeli Bendapudi, $1.3 million a year. This is happening, and she can’t say one word about it, and yet Penn State tells us that Alex Stein doesn’t share their values.”

Carlson then asked Stein, who catcalled Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York in July, about the incident.

“This is an indoctrination camp from middle school to high school to college,” Stein said. “These kids are radicalized to have these leftist ideologies that are not beneficial to society, so these people actually literally spit and assault us in public and are defended by their administrators. So, this is the sad reality.”

Stein revealed that his mother passed away in 2021, alleging she had been given Remdesivir without his permission, saying he felt there was “nothing scarier than that.”

“So me, seeing a bunch of idiot college kids spit on me and yell at me, I have no fear and that’s what I want to express to the people out there,” Stein said. “She spit on me, but the government, and these people in power, are spitting on us every day and telling us it’s raining. So all I want to do is wake people up to the harsh reality in which we live in.”

Penn State did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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