Iguana Takes Up Residence in South Florida Woman’s Toilet

You will never go the restroom in Florida again without looking good and hard under the lid after hearing what happened to a West Kendall woman.

When she lifted the lid on her toilet, she got the shock of her lift—a live iguana in the bottom of the bowl.

The woman slammed the lid down and called 911, prompting Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue’s Venom One Unit to race to the scene.

Lt. Scott Mullin says he’s seen plenty of snakes in toilets but, “This is the first time I’ve ever found an iguana in the toilet.”

Mullin picked up the lizard from the commode and said he would take it to a wildlife rescue center.

As for how the young iguana got into the toilet, Mullin could only speculate, “I am guessing it probably came up through the pipes.”