Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds Left Dead, Countries Torn Apart

Matthew Causes High Death Toll

As Georgia and South Carolina sit patiently awaiting their turn at Matthew’s hands, Florida is witnessing first hand just how destructive Matthew can be. But for those in the Caribbean, Matthew was nothing short of a nightmare.

Over 400 people have been killed in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said officials. Sadly enough that death toll is expected to rise.

As of Friday morning, 478 people were announced dead in Haiti alone, said Reuters. As of Saturday that number has jumped to over 800, reported Reuters. The country is still in recovery mode from the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands.


In the Dominican Republic four people died, but the county’s government did not provide further details into their deaths.

In St.Vincent and the Grenadines a teenage boy died in a landslide while he was cleaning a drain behind his house, said the National Emergency Management Office. He passed away on Wednesday after the storm passed through the islands.

Matthew’s Damage on Haiti

With Haiti still trying to rebuild from the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Matthew ripped what was left of the country apart. At least 1,580 homes were flooded by the storm and about 3,215 families were affected by the wrath of the storm.

Over 300,000 residents are in shelters across the country. The southern part of Haiti was hit with 125 mph winds that tore houses, flooded villages, and cut off the island from the rest of society.


The United Kingdom is reported to be making a contribution of $6 million to help Haitians misplaced from the storm.

“The absolute priority right now is to reach those who are injured and provide them with water, sanitation, shelter and protection,” said Priti Patel, the U.K.’s international development secretary, in a statement Friday, per USA Today.

Matthew’s Damage on the Bahamas

The devastating storm passed over the Bahamas on Thursday afternoon and the damage to the country is still unknown.

As of Friday morning there were no injuries reported, but houses had suffered flooding and wind damage. The roads were impassible due to down trees and poles.

Residents are being urged to stay inside while damage is being assessed, as the country is still without power. CNN meteorologists said storm surges in the country were as high as 15 feet.

Matthew’s Damage on Cuba

Cuba suffered extreme wind damage from Matthew. Winds tore roofs off of houses and more than 30 homes were washed away completely by the storm.

There were no reported deaths in Cuba. The United Nations has offered to support Cuba in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.