How Vacation Accidents In Foreign Countries Are Handled

FILE – In this Saturday, April 4, 2020, file photo, Carnival cruise line ship Carnival Magic is docked at Port Canaveral, in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Carnival Cruise Line is canceling most U.S. sailings through the end of this year, the latest sign that the cruise industry’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic could still be many months away. The company said Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020, it is canceling sailings from all ports except its home ports of Miami and Port Canaveral, Florida. (AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

After taking a vacation in a foreign country, you may wind up in an accident that can quickly become complicated for you and your family. This is especially the case if you signed a waiver of liability where you agreed to release the other party from being responsible for any damages. However, you can still get a personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable in international law on your side. They understand all of the ethical dilemmas that may happen across borders, and if you are eligible, they will apply an international litigation strategy to bring the liable party to justice.

Types of Vacation Accidents in Foreign Countries

When you are vacationing, accidents can happen in a number of ways and are not limited to the following:

  • Recreational Activities
  • Airplane or Helicopter Rides
  • Automobiles, Buses, and Trains
  • Cruise Ships, Yachts, and Fishing Boats

Attorneys Prosecute International Cases

When you begin working with a vacation accident attorney, they will begin investigating your case and tackling all of the cross-border legal issues that come with accidents that happen overseas. They handle the disputes between you and the party held responsible, including settlement negotiations. Experienced attorneys work with governments from all over the world by forming international relationships.


Your attorney will initiate an investigation into your case and obtain evidence. This will require a deep inquiry and analysis of the circumstances surrounding how your accident happened on your vacation. They will also use the evidence you collected, such as pictures, physical evidence, and your medical bills.

Waivers of Liability

If you signed a waiver to partake in an activity that resulted in your injury, it might not hold up in court. Liability waivers have to be explicit and straightforward and are only applicable if there was ordinary negligence. If the other party was grossly negligent or could have prevented your injuries, your attorney can still seek compensation. The other party may choose to settle before you file a lawsuit.

Arbitration Clauses

When you agree to an arbitration clause, this means that an arbitration lawyer is designated to handle your case. While these can be binding, it is possible to set aside an arbitration ruling if the arbitrator’s decision violated public policy or was biased. You can then initiate an arbitration claim with your attorney in this case.

International Legal Complications

Your attorney will have to deal with the legal systems in other countries, any corruption issues that come with international businesses, company laws, and international regulations. There may be unexpected rulings in the foreign country that make it especially difficult to begin a legal investigation. According to, attorneys who are experienced in international legalities can create a smoother settlement negotiation and will help you navigate your personal injury claim.

Judgment Enforcement

Attorneys can enforce the judgment of a lawsuit you win by having the country’s court pass a judgment. This foreign decree will be enforced according to the jurisdiction of the country through an international agreement.

Get the Help You Need from Educated Attorneys

You don’t have to feel alone and lost after an unfortunate personal injury. Speak to legal representatives knowledgeable in international law who are experienced in negotiating settlements and filing lawsuits in foreign countries.