How TeamSense Is Increasing Frontline Employee Engagement and Productivity

When a company wants to announce to their employees or inform them about important news, they send them an email. That makes sense since emails have become the most preferred method of communication in businesses. 

However, a massive part of the workforce doesn’t communicate through email— 80%, to be exact.

What about a construction worker? Or a manufacturing employee? Or all of the other people who work by the hour? 

Management needs to understand that employees who work by the hour don’t have the same technological luxuries that many in-office employees have. For instance, they can’t access the company’s computers, they don’t have an e-mail address, they aren’t part of any group chats, they don’t have access to Google Calendar or Google Drive, they don’t attend online meetings, or use smartphones. So how can management and employees communicate with each other? 

Enter Sheila Stafford, Jermey Wadsack, and Alison Teegarden, the creative brains behind TeamSense. This team of brainiacs has realized that texting is the most preferred method of communication for many people, and hourly employees find it more convenient. TeamSense was designed to help create a line of communication between employees and management and increase frontline employee engagement and productivity.

What is TeamSense?

TeamSense is the perfect substitute for emails to keep off-site employees updated with what is going on in the company. It is effortless to use since it isn’t an app, so it doesn’t require downloading a login email or even a password. It is a simple software that employees can access with their names and employee ID. Unlike all the apps we use these days, TeamSense doesn’t require a smartphone. You can still use it even on a flip phone.

It will allow employers to communicate with their off-site team, make attendance and time off a lot easier, and allow you to get your employees’ feedback and send them surveys. Simply put, this software allows all your employees, whether they are tech-savvy or not, to communicate with management and to voice their concerns, and to stay updated with what goes on with the company using a method they are familiar with, which is texting. 

The companies are the ones that customize the text messages they wish to send their employees, like giving them new or important information or congratulating them on a job well done. Additionally, the messaging process can be simplified by creating keywords that your workers can text and get an automatic response. For instance, if they wish to have a day off, they can simply text “personal day.” TeamSense doesn’t only benefit employees but employers as well. This software allows you to keep track of attendance and reach out to them in case of shift or location changes. 

Employees Engagement Increases Productivity

Jeremy Wadsack, the co-founder of TeamSense, said, “I was inspired by the vision to address an often overlooked group, the hourly workforce. I immediately recognized TeamSense as an opportunity to help give them the recognition and respect they deserve, both workers and managers.” Hourly workers may feel that they aren’t a part of the company as a result of a lack of communication or engagement. This is what the team behind TeamSense Inc figured out and decided to create software to make employees feel included. Hourly employees who don’t feel like they are treated equally to their onsite counterparts will look for work elsewhere. This will affect a company’s productivity because you will start the recruitment process all over again and will have to hire new people and teach them the ropes, which will all take time and resources that can easily be saved.

For this reason, Sheila Stafford co-founded TeeamSense Inc in 2020 to give hourly workers the chance to connect with their companies. It can be very frustrating when an employee has to call HR to ask for a day off or to switch a shift. The easy access that TeamSense provides will make employees’ life much easier. She understands that their software will create a win-win situation for both employers and employees. The higher the engagement, the higher the productivity. This can have a huge impact on customers as well. For instance, when waiters or salespeople feel valued by their employers, they will perform better, which will make your customers happy and your business a success.

The Faces Behind TeamSense

Sheila Stafford

Sheila Stafford is the CEO of TeamSense. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University. She was inspired to create TeamSense after working as a manufacturing engineer for General Motors. She had to work closely with factory workers and has witnessed the difficulties hourly workers and management face as a result of a lack of communication.

Jeremy Wadsack

Jeremy Wadasck is the co-founder and CTO of TeamSense. He has had an interest in technology and programming ever since he was seven years old. Before he became a part of TeamSense, Jeremy had developed various software that many big companies have used. He and Sheila realized they have the same vision to help hourly co-workers feel valued and appreciated.

Alison Teegarden

Alison Teegarden is the COO at TeamSense. She graduated from Stanford University, where she studied Chemistry and History. She later got an MBA from Harvard Business School. Just like her colleagues, she saw the opportunity to help hourly workers and started looking for solutions to help improve the communication and engagement of off-site employees.

Hourly workforces are the backbone of our country, so it is a shame they get overlooked. The team behind TeamSense knows the value of these workers and decided to find a solution to make them feel included and to make their lives easier. Instead of looking for an easy and traditional solution and creating an app that many people still struggle with, they have decided to go for an old-fashioned solution and create text-based software that anyone can use. This software has managed to help increase engagement and productivity and make hourly workers’ lives easier. It also gives employers the chance to know what goes on with their offsite workers.

There is more to come with TeamSense as they are planning to expand. Now they are working on making recruitment easier. Instead of applying online or via email, candidates can apply via text message instead. Although technology has taken over the world, some people still can’t keep up. TeamSense understands, and they try to make things easier for the overlooked workforce.