How Musicians Are Supporting the #BlackLivesMatter Protests Around the U.S.

Written by Alyssa Lei Venus
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The murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police has sent shockwaves across the world. This act of senseless violence against another black man adds to the long list of black men, women, and children that have met their demise due to the excessive use of force by those who are designated to serve and protect the community.

This latest incident has triggered protests across the country and the world. This has fortified the Black Lives Matter movement and furthered their cause for equality and the end to systemic racism.

Musicians have decided to take a stand during this decisive moment in history to fight for equality and justice. If you want to know more about this, read on for more information on how musicians are supporting the Black Lives Matter Protests!

St. Vincent

While St. Vincent is one of today’s leading figures in guitar playing, she is also one of the very few guitarists in history that has their own line of signature guitars, her influence does not stop at music. St. Vincent has always used her platform to stand up for what’s right and the Black Lives Matter movement is no different. St. Vincent decided to show her support for the movement by live-streaming a conversation with Jessica Byrd, a political organizer and a key figure in the Movement for Black Lives, to help spread the word on what changes need to be made and how people can make that change happen.

Simple Plan

The musicians that support the movement aren’t limited to those who are from the United States. Canadian pop-punk icons Simple Plan, specifically frontman Pierre Bouvier and guitarist Jeff Stinco, have thrown their support behind the movement. Known for the characteristic voice of Pierre Bouvier and guitarist Jeff Stinco’s use of the classic overdrive pedal, Simple Plan is responsible for many of the pop-punk anthems regularly covered by amateur rock bands in North America. Given their massive influence on the scene, their support was a welcome addition, as they rally for support and solidarity for the pain that the black community is feeling right now.


The British grime artist Stormzy has also been incredibly vocal about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Stormzy even attended the London protests held in Trafalgar Square back on June 13. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Stormzy has always been incredibly outspoken when it comes to political issues especially those about race and inequality. In fact, the rapper had recently made a donation of £10 million ($12.45 million) to help fund organizations that are committed to empowering black people and fighting against racial inequality.

If you’re looking for more updates on the Black Lives Matter movement, check out the articles up on our website as we’ll be continuing to update them as these events develop.

Written by Alyssa Lei Venus
Exclusive for