How Are Law Firms Adjusting to the New Normal?

With the pandemic wreaking havoc over the last year, there have been massive changes in the way the world functions. Industries have been shutting down their operations one by one. Most of them might not even bounce back to work.

The pandemic has not only claimed millions of lives around the world, but has also resulted in a tanking economy. Organizations are finding new ways to stay afloat in this new normal and trying hard to absorb the shock.

There remains little surprise as to how challenging these times have proven to the tens of thousands of people across the planet. Just like every industry, the domain of law has also suffered severely in the hands of COVID-19.

A bus stop ad for COVID-19 testing is shown outside Pfizer world headquarters in New York on Monday Nov. 9, 2020. Pfizer says an early peek at its vaccine data suggests the shots may be 90% effective at preventing COVID-19, but it doesn’t mean a vaccine is imminent. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Lawyers are in a chaotic situation, trying to find work for survival. People are not even stepping outside their houses due to the lockdown of sorts, let alone settling cases. Therefore, just like every other industry, law firms are also trying out new ways to stay put in business.

In the article that we have here today, we shall look into the new ways in which law firms are trying to stay afloat and see how the pandemic has affected the lives of the lawyers.

Technological Skills are More Important:

The first and the most basic requirement for lawyers and law firms amidst the pandemic is to hone their technological skills. Most of the industries have shifted their base and gone remote. The same is the case with law firms too.

Lawyers are working from home and therefore, need to acquire new technological skills and brush up on the ones they already have. Law firms cannot meet with their clients every time there is a need in order to reduce contact.

They now need to talk over video conferences. Other innovations of technology are required to work on cases too. Therefore, most law firms, like Goldman & Associates, are now investing in cutting-edge technology to function.

Some Law Firms are Investing More in their Divorce Lawyers:

Studies have shown that the pandemic has widened the cracks in already dysfunctional families. It has also resulted in families on the verge of breaking up, and couples splitting. Law firms understand that there is a greater need to push their divorce attorneys now, more than ever.

Therefore, most of the law firms are now investing more in their divorce lawyers. The lockdown has forced couples to come to terms with the dysfunction in their relationships. Therefore, now there is an urgent need for divorce lawyers. It is expected that divorce attorneys shall be busy over the next year. Law firms hope to make some profit out of this scenario for the sake of their business.

Therefore, some of the most reputed law firms are now trying to get their divorce lawyers to use.

Law Firms are Doubling Down on Marketing Strategies:

Another factor that law firms are working ceaselessly is that of marketing. Law firms need to double down on their marketing strategies to make money out of the chaos. Industries might be bouncing back to work gradually.

However, the world has still changed forever. This is a new socially-distanced world, and the strategies to work must be apt for the new world. Law firms are thus, seeking ways to still stay in touch with their clients despite the reduced contact. As we already mentioned, technology is playing a huge role in functioning amidst the pandemic.

 Law firms are now using the right interaction of technology and marketing strategies to pull more clients, and provide them with assistance and advise. Some law firms have reported that their business development teams are trying to understand the pulse of their clients. They are hosting webinars, online conferences and sessions to get more clients.

Social Media Is Playing an Important Role:

Social media has changed our lives forever. We can stay in touch with whoever we want to with just a few clicks. This has brought the world much closer and provided us with the required edge to carry out our work.

It must, therefore, not come as a surprise, but law firms are now leveraging the weight of social media for their business. These firms are using social media to stay in touch with their clients and get new ones.

Facebook ads, Instagram lives, and timely posts are all responsible for getting new clients for the law firms. People know about law firms due to social media and reach out to them when there is a need. This is a trend that shall dominate the working of the law firms in the next years too.


Therefore, as can be seen from the discussion, law firms are zeroing on technology, social media and improved marketing strategies to stay afloat in this new game.

It is imperative that industries understand the need of the hour and change their ways of functioning accordingly. Most law firms have already achieved this, and the rest are on their way to adopt these measures.