The Hispanic Vote Could Be The Reason Clinton Wins The White House

Hispanic vote the key to a Clinton win in Florida and nationally. Follow the Clinton Campaign all day right here.

Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House is about getting out the Hispanic, African American, Democrats, college-educated white women, and millennials. This collation is the key to her possible victories in key states Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.
Clinton has over a million people nationally well trained and massive get out to vote ground game that will be energized. They will be in African American, Hispanic, neighborhoods, college campuses and suburban areas from the Interstate 4 corridor to Philadelphia.

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The get out to vote ground started with early voting and it won’t stop until the last person votes on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton WITH HISPANICS

In Arizona more than a third of all registered voters have already voted, according to The Arizona Republic. The percentage of early voters who are Hispanic has nearly doubled since the 2012 election, from 6.2% to 12%. Most projections show Arizona as among the most difficult tossup states for Clinton to win, so the early showing of support there is good news for her campaign.

On the ground reporting from early voting centers seems to bear out the statistics. In Clark County, Nevada, which contains Las Vegas, early polling locations had to stay open late to accommodate long till 10 p.m. local time Saturday night with again a record Hispanic vote.

1. HISPANIC voters are key

While, Hispanic support won’t be enough to ensure a Clinton victory. Early voting data also indicates that turnout among African Americans, another crucial Democratic voting bloc, may actually be lower than it was in 2012.

That is where the ground game on election day means not stopping till the last voter marks their ballots late Tuesday evening.  If Hillary Clinton wins on Tuesday it will likely be the Hispanic vote that puts her over the top, along with the African American vote and the big election day surprise Republican white educated women, along with a last minute push from the Bernie Sanders millennials.

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