Hillary Hope’s “The Clinton Coalition” Helps Her Make History

If Clinton wins tonight it will be the Coalition that gets her the win. The people Donald Trump offended will be the people who will defeat him. Watch the action happen here all day.

Today Hillary Clinton hopes to become the first woman president in the history of the United States and if that happens it will be with the help of what is being called “The Clinton Coalition.” The coalition has been crafted to include African American’s, Hispanics, Millennials, and well educated woman.

The truly ironic part of this coalition is that it seems to be made up of pretty much every minority group that the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has offended over the past year. That is right if Clinton wins, it will be people of color, women and other minorities that will take her over the top.

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A few other groups can be included in the coalition, such as, 70 percent of LGBTQ Americans and Jewish voters are backing Clinton by higher margins than any 21st-century Democrat. But there is another under the radar group of voters that seem to be breaking for Clinton and it might be a surprise to some.

Hillary Clinton coalition

Trump is losing educated white Republican women who splitting their ballots. Voting for Clinton and then going back to the GOP side of the slate to vote for the down ballot candidates. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, told me via conference call Friday that those numbers, especially in the key battle ground states, could help the Clinton Coalition win close battles in Florida and nationwide.

Polling data from the early voting states show that Trump is splitting Republican households, with wives canceling out their husbands’ votes for the GOP; many will pull the lever for Hillary Clinton, despite strong resistance and flat-out opposition from their spouses, families and communities. It is likely that the women aren’t telling anyone and that it will just come out later when the polling data is analyzed.

As for the numbers going into today’s national voting day, of the eight polls of the four-way race (as tracked by RealClearPolitics) that ran through at least Saturday, Clinton had leads in seven and leads of at least 4 percentage points in five of them. The RCP polling average has her up 2.9 percentage points, which is a full point increase since last Tuesday.

But Clinton has watched leads fall before, 2008 she lost to Barack Obama and this cycle she was pushed to the brink by Sen. Bernie Sanders. True both of those were in the Democratic Primaries, but Hillary Clinton and her team take nothing for granted and that is why the final blitz of states over the past weekend that ended early this morning in North Carolina.

1. Clinton coalition

Now she will set with her family and senior staff today getting some rest before heading into Manhattan to what she hopes will be a victory celebration. If it happens as I pointed out earlier it will be because she got votes from all of the people Donald Trump offended.

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