GOP AG Candidate Ashley Moody Hits the TV Airwaves

By: Sunshine State News

Former Judge Ashley Moody released her first TV spot as she looks to win the Republican primary to replace term limited Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

In the new TV spot, which was unveiled Monday, Moody showcases that she has Bondi’s support.

“Our streets aren’t safe, our borders aren’t secure, and our politicians can’t fix the system,” the narrator of the ad says before Moody appears.

“They are the system. I’m Ashley Moody; I’m a prosecutor not a politician,” she says.

“Conservative Ashley Moody is the only candidate who has put criminals behind bars, the only candidate endorsed by Attorney General Pam Bondi, the only candidate backed by nearly 90 percent of Florida’s Republican sheriffs,” the narrator says. “Prosecutor. Judge. Conservative. Ashley Moody. The experience to lead, the conservative we need.”

State Rep. Frank White, R-Pensacola, quickly fired back, continuing his efforts to bash Moody for accepting public financing for her campaign.

“Ashley Moody has her right hand in the pockets of the Tallahassee establishment and her left hand in the pockets of Florida’s hardworking taxpayers,” White said on Monday. “Taxpayer funded welfare for politicians has wasted $32 million, money that could have paid for 500 police officers to keep our streets safe or 600 teachers to help shrink our class sizes.”

Last week, more than a dozen legislators, including incoming House Speaker Jose Oliva, threw their support behind White. The Pensacola Republican got more good news on Thursday as a St. Pete Polls survey showed him ahead of Moody. The poll, which was commissioned by Florida Politics, had 55 percent of Florida Republicans still undecided while 26 percent backed White and 19 percent supported Moody.

On the Democratic side, state Rep. Sean Shaw, D-Tampa, is the favorite to win his party’s nomination in next month’s primary. Shaw faces Central Florida attorney Ryan Torres in the Democratic primary.